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digital marketing campaign

The Digital brand marketing campaign strategy is very broad & descriptive concepts though it’s also a part of “brand marketing strategy “. There are many ways to create a memorable brand marketing campaign, one of the most memorable one is “American Express”.  Like through a message or storytelling or by awesome infographics (it may be still pictured or animated one), through a social incident.

However according to your business industry & targets/goal,  your branding creative director & brand marketing executive head will choose this formula of memorable impression. There are many facets of the  Digital Brand Marketing Campaign like —

Social media campaign, Content marketing campaign, video marketing campaign, Influencer marketing campaign. The paid advertising campaign, SEO campaign, etc.

You have to create a strategy based on your brand marketing campaign based on your target or goal. Moreover, this goal needs to fixed & very much specific. However, if you want to do many things at once, you will finish where you have started “zero”.

If you are looking for a very short answer?

 I will be explaining this strategy, there are mainly three kinds of Digital brand marketing campaign strategy:

1Acquisitional or possessional  Digital Brand Marketing Campaign: 

This campaign will generate more leads & customers. moreover, It’s also called brand awareness booster strategy or Content Marketing booster strategy. this strategy works on 4 (four) steps—

1st. Create Awareness:

2nd, Engaging Inspiring & Teaching:

3rd, Asking more for Subscribe:

4th, Convert into a customer.

This campaign is not for profit-making, it help to create brand awareness, however, you can make a profit at the conversion stage.   

2The Monetization Digital Campaigns:

This campaign helps to generate revenue from the existing customers & leads.   

If your business goal is to sell high priced products & services for profit maximization to the existing customer this type of campaign will help your brand.

Warning: don’t invest your money for such kinds of campaigns, if you don’t have enough no of customers or subscribers. If you don’t have any customer, who trusted your brand, then this strategy will not work for you.

Basically, there are two stages

1st, The Thrilling Or Exciting Stage: This stage comes after the Acquisitional stage, where these customers or audiences have to spend some time with your brand/ businesses & got some value from it.   

2nd, The Climb Up Stage: Every existing customer who has already purchased your product & got a value form it, will come back for the second time.

Explanation: If you already have purchased  “GUCCI” clothes & got some value from it love it, then there is a chance that for next time you will purchase clothes from the brand if they paid to campaign for newly launched products.       

3.  The Engagement Campaign

This campaign helps to build communities of brand advocates & promoters.  

If your business objective, get new customers, more lead generation & the customer & audiences will become a fan of your brand, or you maybe want to build a community around your company, people will engaging with your brand then you need to apply engagement campaigning methodology.     

This is basically a two-step strategy:

1st, Exponent: In this methodology, you create a marketing campaign for your best customer to give them the ability to promote your product, maybe through social media, testimonial, etc. in short offering affiliate marketing for your customer is one of the exponential methodologies.

2nd. Promote: Through the brand advocates, the people are who actively want to promote your product, have a blog, they are on you-tube with high no of subscribers or blog visitors, tell them to create a story for your product or services. & promote them.

One thing you have to really understand, your product or services authenticity, otherwise this campaign maybe bring down tears for your brand (if you provide inferior quality product).

The time comes for detail explanation of the “Strategy”

What is the marketing campaign strategy?

Every business must have a strategy, if not then the business can’t succeed. The Digital Marketing campaign is a very broad term.

According to me “marketing campaign ” is a strategically organized methodology, helps your brand to achieve certain long-term or short term goals.      

 Moreover, it starts from posting an image or graphics of your brand product on any social media platform, to collect the email list & rank your blog post on the search engine (google/ yahoo/ bing), making the brand community, raising brand awareness, etc.

Each & every successful marketing campaign is particularly selected goal-oriented, if wand to many things at once, it will not work.

However there are 3 type of marketing campaign exist in the digital world but have so many subdivision also present there, later we will see it one by one.

for example “Blogging” is a part of marketing specifically “content marketing”. promoting your content on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, is a content marketing campaign strategy.

Like, whenever Rolex launches their new product, they go for video marketing, Newspaper advertisement, television marketing.

This kind of marketing helps to return the existing customer to purchase the product. Another great example was the “NIKE” marketing campaign.   

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