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Digital branding for growth hacking

The digital marketing strategy for growth hacking is a branding + modern marketing strategy. which helps in positioning the businesses in any kind of digital platform (can be internet world or television) to reach maximum audiences & greater conversion rate.

 Each platform required a different brand marketing strategy (especially brand positioning strategy) to grow-up the businesses.

Though there are several multifaceted strategies are present & constantly evolve in the market for brand growth. In short, I will give the only selective one which really helps your brand for ultimate growth, for quick answer finding people—

1. Create clean, focused with good design, fast loading website to positioning your brand.
2. Create valuable great content, (blogging), the current trend is video content creation, to attract maximum audiences.
3. Create a social media branding page for brand representation & community making,
4. make prototype or compatible free product or services & offer it free to your audiences, which helps your brand two way,
first, your audiences will get free content which somehow can solve their problem to some extent & your brand gets value.       
second, Moreover when you will get complaints from your users, about the problems associated with the product, that helps you to create a premium product.
5. Do brand campaigns & create brand awareness on the internet.
6. Find influencers & growth hackers to promote your brand.
7.  Create an affiliate marketing program for your brand.

Definitely, these strategies will boost your brand growth not-only for the short term but also for the long term.

Now, I will speak about the strategies & a few basic concepts in an elaborate manner.     

What Is Digital Branding & What Are The Importance?
What Is Growth Hacking & Why This Is Important For Digital Branding?
How To Create Digital Branding Strategy For Ultimate Growth Hacking?

What Is Digital Marketing strategy & What Are The Importance?

The only differences between branding & digital branding, the branding platform, overall the purposes of the brand strategy remain the same. Because every brand/ businesses want, everyone must aware of the presence of the brand, trust them & increase growth in-terms of revenue.

Moreover, in this present era, digital branding becomes more crucial, because of unique digital branding strategies by the experts, any brand can grow up their businesses throughout the globe.

Of course, there are some challenges, but the thump rule you have to remember if your product is well enough, your brand reputation will be downgraded, more than ever you think of it.

Anyway, long story, in short, the importance of digital branding are:

Cost, to benefits ratio, is very beneficial.

Easily target specific audiences.

Brand awareness can be created within a short amount of time, easy brand recognition.

Social media page branding is great for creating a brand community.

Easily identify your business competitor, you can take measurable steps to bit them.

What Is Growth Hacking & Why This Is Important For Digital Branding?

why growth hacking

In my opinion, growth hacking the most authentic online marketing technique for the modern digital age. Though the growth hackers are not superior to the traditional marketers, moreover they just don’t follow or care the traditional marketing tactics.

 In this busy world no one wants to listen to start from 12 years old kid to adult, all they know what to do.

In growth hacking, marketers listen to the market demand, create valuable free content or problem-solving information for their industry audiences, to push the startup businesses’ growth rates to reach maximum audiences.

Maximum internet users are using ad blockers & moreover, they paid for premium membership in various social media for not too distracted by the advertisement. Moreover, they all are looking for something that will solve their problems, that’s why growth hacking comes into the digital space.

Growth hacking helps users in

Three (3) Ways

Attract specific audiences, industry-specific.

Create brand value & helps to generate brand awareness.

Make a high conversion rate on the digital platform.

How To Create Digital Marketing Strategy For Ultimate Brand Growth?

digital branding strategy

There is very little or no gap between branding & marketing (for digital platform) strategy. In-fact both are twine, the only gap between them I have ever notice that Digital branding is a pull marketing technique where Digital marketing contains both pushes & pull techniques.

In another way, Digital branding contains an inbound marketing strategy to attract audiences to the website.

I will tell you–  digital branding technique which helps,  your brand for ultimate growth–


Chose right hosting (don’t use GoDaddy or HostGator ) & domain name. Try to sticky your domain name as your brand name, that’s why must choose your brand name very carefully.    


Organize your team & allocate particular tasks. like you need in your team one project manager, content manager & growth hackers, graphic designer, UI/ UX designer, Digital marketing expert, SEO expert, Social media & internet influencer. 


If you want to stay in the digital platform for a long time, then try to stick with a particular industry, this will helps your brand to cut out the competition. 


Identify the inner or core value of your brand, especially the brand message. Stay clear in your vision in the digital platform & promote very strong commitment about your brand personality, Constantly broadcast your brand message again & again, it takes time for the audiences to trust your brand.


Moreover create brand guidelines for your business, like the color of website & graphical elements, typography & fonts, different size of logos (for the favicon, website, social media) .other graphical elements like banners for website & social media, icons, etc.


crate content for your target audiences it may be through, blogging provides valuable correct information. Must be careful, be real if you provide any false information then your brand value will be a slowdown, more than ever you think of it.  

You can also create a digital prototype free product for your audiences, for test purposes. It will give you a broad overview of what is the problem associated with the product, after fixing it you can lunch a premium product.


Promote your brand in social media, constantly engaging with your audiences to build a “social media brand community”. This will helps your brand two ways number one, your audiences will give value to your brand, & second, it generates brand awareness in the digital space.  


Do campaign on social media, internet, find brand influencer for your business, the campaign can be done through publishing podcast, by paid advertisement on social media.

The recent trends of the brand awareness campaign are changing quite a bit, people are more 7 more engaging on you-tube, Vimeo, that’s why video marketing becomes more & more popular for generating brand awareness in the digital spaces.    


 Collect email lists of your audiences, do email campaigning every time some new updates come into your site.  


Tenth, The SEO, role in case of digital branding is non-negotiable, the primary SEO setup for your website is to submit your .xml to Google search console, & obliviously connect your website with the social media pages.

few more preliminary things you have to check likes, your webpage must be seen as public, Add expiry header in your website, each webpage must content 300 words, Use of H1, H2, H3, H4 tags in each web pages, etc,

The next thing you have to care On-Page SEO (interlinking content within the content) & Of-Page SEO strategy (link your content, the link building procedure).

The best social media SEO campaign will be through Pinterest & slide share, though  YouTube Vimeo is also playing inbound game-changer strategy for improving the SEO of your website.

But yes first create at least 15 to 20 valuable content for your website, then promote it on Social media.

Also, use Google Maps on your website to improve your local SEO.

 I will create an in-depth content of this SEO strategy for your digital branding because it is not possible to describe within a few hundred words.


Always do A/B  test or A/B/C test in your audiences, which will make you realize, what actually maximum no of your audiences want from your brand.

Let’s consider Amazon’s email marketing A/B test strategy.

whenever new product lunch in their platform or new offer arrive the do A/B test form email campaigning.

If there total no of the subscriber is 12 million, each 3 or 4 million people will see the different graphic repetition of their offers in the email list.


So, you are consistent with strategy,& organize everything step by step; the growth rate of your website will be very high, not for the short term but also for the long terms,

For a brand, the digital audiences will know your & value you are depending on the value able information you share with your audiences.

The quality of services (customer support) they get from you after purchasing, your digital or physical product.

This is my Digital branding for growth hacking, I have tested it previously in my other site & it works for not only me but also for many others.

If You have any better ideas feel free to describe with StoryOfSigns. Thank you……

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