How To Check Google Keyword Ranking?

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Google Keyword Ranking

Google keyword ranking become very essential from 2015 to till now because content marketing growth reaches the top-level priority for digital marketers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are affiliate marketers or influencers or a blogger Google keyword ranking is very crucial for your businesses; because of getting organic traffic from Google SERP.

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There are many tools are available in the market to checking the keyword ranking of your content, some of them are free & some of them are paid.

These tools are Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, KW Finder, SERP watcher, AccuRanker, Authority Labs Rank Tracker (SERP Checker), Keyword everywhere, SEM-Rush, Ahref.

GSC & Ubersuggest both are free tools & the rest of them are Freemium.

This Article, Will Cover The Following Topics-
How To Check Google Keyword Ranking Using Various Tools Or
How Do I Check My Keyword Ranking On Google?
What Is The Fastest Way To Rank A Keyword?
How Do I Increase My Visibility On Google?
How Can I Improve My Search Engine Ranking &
What Are The Ways To Increase Google Ranking For Free?
How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google Analytics?

How To Check Google Keyword Ranking Using Various Tools? Or How Do I Check My Keyword Ranking On Google?

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What Is The Fastest Way To Rank A Keyword?

There are many ways available on the internet to rank a keyword, like with the help of a premium or free keyword rank checker tool.

But, if your website is brand new & you want to rank any keyword within 45 days without Backlinks, then choose a keyword which SEO difficulty less than 15 (for Ubersuggest) or 10 (Ahref) & also the search volume in the targeted country is more than 1k.

Obliviously, Backlinks play a major role to rank your targeted keyword but if the content is weak; once it falls in SERP ranking there is no chance you will get traffic in these particular pages.

How Do I Increase My Visibility On Google?

Build an authoritative website in your niches, Go active on the various social media platforms, & lastly create a Brand yourself.

In another way establish EAT (Engaging, Authenticity, Trustworthy);

because Google has clearly stated that they will give preferences to only those websites which have established the EAT.

YouTube & Pinterest are the two great sources to drive traffic to your sites. If your content is engaging then Google will automatically rank your website.

How Can I Improve My Search Engine Ranking & WHAT ARE THE WAYS To Increase Google Ranking For Free?

Over the decade Google has updated its Search engine algorithm more than three thousand (3k) times.

In this article, I will discuss only those tips & tricks which work in 2020.

Let fire the discussion!!!!


When you search for seed keyword you will get 3 different kinds of suggestions given by Google.

Google autocomplete, People Also ask, Google related Suggestion (at the bottom of the pages).

Now, here is the work you need to do!!!!

Choose your content title bases on Google-auto-complete suggestion & the search volume shown by Google, must be less or equal to million.

Most importantly check whether the search result complete the search query or not,

If not completing the query then definitely target this long-tail keyword.

Cover all the facet of the search query like add in your answer “people also ask questions” & also describe few words about “Google related search suggestions“.

Last but not in the list:

Choose the eye-caching title for your content that will increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your content.  


Established the EAT in your field.

To become an authoritative website you need to cover all the topics & search queries of your business industry.


Insert LSI keywords in your content, these keywords help you in Organic Keyword Rankings on SERPs.

Though GWM has officially declared they don’t have any algorithms to check LSI keywords, moreover, it has the same type of algorithms to check the content topics in depth.


Inter-links your content it also helps you to build an authoritative site in your niches.


Don’t forget to check the technical aspect of your website.

Like installing SSL certificate, Use of CDN, use, less JavaScript & CSS in the page designing.

Use casing plugging like WP-Rocket or W3 Total cache to compress not only JS & CSS files but also, the big images.

 Must install the expiry header on your website.

How do I forget this?

Maximum internet users in the USA are using the Mobile phone to serve internet & Google webmasters (GWM) have clearly stated to Install AMP on the website.    

I’m very much confident if you practice these 5 steps; it will definitely increase your Google search engine ranking.

How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google Analytics?

Google analytics is not for checking Google Keyword ranking, rather it will help you to understand your audiences’ intend on your site.

It also helps you to analyze demographic traffics, bounce rate, exit rate. Google Search Console is a free tool by Google, which helps you to check the keyword ranking.  

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