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Google Sand box

Google Sandbox In SEO is a timeframe period, where Google prevents brand new websites from ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

You also can consider it’s a provisional time frame of your website to check whether or not you are fit for the ranking on the SERPs.

The official announcement made by the john Muller from Google web-master has confirmed that there is no such effect called Google sandbox in SEO.

But yes!!! He had also confirmed that there is various kind of Google algorithm, which takes time to analyze the brand new website & it’s content.

Google always wants to show High-quality content & results from trusted sites on the top 10 SERPs.

Sandbox is very natural because it’s not acceptable Google will trust your website & content from the very first one month of your site is submitting on Google.  

But, Why Is The Brand New Website Is Not Showing With In Top 10 SERPs? Does Google SandBox Is Still Exist  (In 2019-2020)?

That is a little bit debatable topic according to many SEO experts the answer is yes & few other said they still can rank website content within 4 to 6 week.  

After Google, the Penguin update website ranking is vastly affected by the quality backlinks.

The other officially announce off-page SEO factor is Social signal.

That’s why it is extremely difficult for a brand new website to rank on the top 10 or 15 results in the SERPs within a few months.

What the heck Quality links?

Here is the answer !!!!

Quality links are the link juice from relevant websites, which bring in lots of traffic. Must check the before seeking a link from a site their spam score.

Let’s take an example:

I’m creating content for SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing so link juice from website  Entrepreneur Or backlinko, Social media marketing related websites are quality backlinks for me.

Income School people Ricky & his partner have said they don’t go for backlinks, for their affiliate websites.

Moreover, they try to find out low search volume less competitive keyword for a particular problem & they create blog posts & it easily brings traffic within 6 to 12 weeks. However, they consider they bring lots of traffic from Pinterest & YouTube.   

Even many new websites got rank on the first page of Google SERPs in 2019 & 2018 within a few months.

Many webmasters have already argued that Google pushing people to spend on the PPC to get out of the sandbox.

Long story in short, for the websites not ranking high on Google:

They produce Less content for their website.

They have no backlinks or created spammy backlinks from irrelevant websites.

Less user click-through from social sides.

If your Industry is too much competitive, like health, fitness or Finance related industries.Wrong Keyword targeting for web content, if the keyword has high SEO difficulty, then obliviously, your website will be very hard to compete with these keywords.

How Long Does Google Sandbox Last (In 2019 2020)?

Well, it may take times, It really depends on various factor like Web content you produces, The targeted keyword difficulty, Length of the content, the social signal your site gets.

Approximately it takes 3 months for brand new websites. But if you are not doing link building & not practice properly on-page SEO techniques then it might take up to 12 months to get out from the sandbox.

Is There Is Google Sandbox Checker Tool Or Google Sandbox Penalty Checker Tool Available In The Market?

Yes, there are many free sandbox checker tools are available in the market. But these tools are not much helpful for anyone.

sandbox checker

These tools only check top pages may be up to 5 pages for particular keyword research on the SERPs. If your website is not ranking within the result pages then it will show you “your site is in Google sandbox”  

 How To Get Out Of Google Sandbox?

Before I will give tips to get out of Google sandbox you need to understand one thing “Content is the king”.

It’s not my word Google webmaster john Muller has said this again & again in his videos. He suggested only create a detail helpful content that will give value to the user.

My suggestion here based on inbound marketing tactics. because outbound marketing practice becomes less effective according to today’s scenario & of course it will cost you money.  

Now Here Are The Tips !!!!

No 1. Create backlinks from the relevant & authoritative sides. After 2015 Google penguin update link juice play a critical role in ranking factor. These links must be “Do-follow links”.

No 2. Do properly On-page SEO, this also provides link juice between the pages & posts.   

No 3. Promote your content & website on social media, from day one.

No 4. Also, check your Technical SEO part, otherwise, your WebPages & contents will not be index on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

No 5. You also can go for paid ad-campaign, to get out of the sandbox quickly

No 6. When you create content (blog post) for your website always target low competitive keyword.

But How the heck I will target low competitive keyword?

here is the answer !!!!!

Go to ubersuggest, pest seed keyword & select your targeted country from the option. for example, let’s consider the seed word is “Blogging”.


for a brand new website always target keyword which difficulty is bellow 20 & if you want to rank for the keyword within 3 months on SERPs then select keyword with difficulty bellow 10.


But, how the heck I will know the keyword difficulty?

Well, in Ubersuggest “SD” stands for “SEO difficulty” in other words “keyword difficulty” in a paid tool like Ahref.  


Then combine 2 to 3 keyword with modifier & create content for your audience.

No 7. Last but not least, Build an authoritative site. We focus on one product or service. suppose if you are targeting.

You also need to create content that provides value to the user otherwise the bounce rate & exit rate of your website will be increased.

If that happens automatically your ranking on the SERPs will decrease & you get less traffic from the search engine  

The History Said Existence Of Google Sandbox:

 The first-time Sandbox appeared for Google search engine where newly build websites are not ranking for the first few months even for the low competition keywords.

But these sites were ranking well in other search engines like Yahoo, MSN.

 That’s why SEOmoz has said through their blog 4th/ 11/ 2005 their website is finally out from the Google sandbox after 9 months. Moreover, they did 12000+ natural link building.

This sandbox again caught an interest for SEO experts in 2014 after Google algorithm update. The marketers & SEO experts had seen their newly build website is not ranking easily for the first few months on Google SERPs.    


Well If sandbox present for some particular industry you need not fear this, it’s natural. If you have money then go for PPC & find out influencers to promote your content & site in their digital platform.

Otherwise, just do the procedure I have mentioned to get out of the sandbox. It will surely help you to get out of the Google sandbox within the first 4 to 5 months.   

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