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Google trends for market research is very necessary for all “E-commerce” business owners & affiliate marketers from the past decade.

Google Trends helps digital marketers to find the trend of any product or keyword.

Moreover, people research country or city-specific interest of people for any product because of that, you also can target specific cities or countries to promote your product for sale.

But, How The Heck I Will Use It For Market Research?

Here Is The Answer !!!!!!

1st, Type the target product.

google trend home

2nd, Select the specific country you want to target.

3rd, Analyze the past few years of data.

4th, Select Your Industry.

5th, Select type of web search happen on the internet,

6th, You can go further in more detail by selecting a specific sub-region city or metro.

7th, Check all the related product people are searching on Google in the ‘ bottom left corner  of Google trend ‘

3.GTD analysis

In this article, I will go further detail to “how to use google trends for market research” & all the related topic for market research. the people who are looking for a short answer, I have answered it. on the seven-step procedure.

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How To Use Google Trends For Market Research?  Definitive Guide

Though the procedure I have explained above is a general rule to searching any product on Google trends. moreover, there are other 4 to 5 type of searching are associated with Google trends for market research.  These are-

No 1. Year in search for particular year specific 2009, 2018 or 2020:

you will get all the data related to the specific industry. Suppose you are in the travel industry “Trip” section Trip to Las Vegas become degraded between May to October in 2019.

year in search1

No 2.  Latest Stories & Insight:

This is kind the same as “Year in search” but here you get only the latest year data.

GT various trending search

No 3. A decade Search:

Here you get country-specific Search interest of past decade, what are the ” trending queries”     

No 4. Holidays search:

Here you will find all the product & queries search in the specific demographic regions in holidays. These data are important for those industries which sell Event-specific products.

holidays in search

No 5. Recent Trending:

From this section, you will get two kinds of data analysis

A.  All the popular searches happen in particular day specific.

B. Real-Time search data within 24 hours.

trending topic for a day

Most importantly, Google trends do not provide search volume data of any particular product rather It provides search popularity of any product from specific sources & demographic areas.  

But How the heck I will research a particular product in-depth?

Here is the detail explanation!!!!!!!

Go to Google trends & type particular product, for in this case let’s consider you are in the food industry & want to promote “Pickle Juice”, “Lemon juice” etc.

GTD Analysis1

From the dashboard, you can set a particular country in that case “The United States” let’s set Time range last Five Years &  select industry Food & Drink.

2.GT dash board

There are different kinds of searches happen on the internet, like Image Search, News Search, YouTube Search, & Most Important Google Shopping.

type of websearch buyer persona

You have to understand the buyer intends the people who are searching on YouTube.

They are very less interested to purchase the pickle juice except those who are looking for product reviews & information on YouTube.

It’s will be more perfect if you set the web search type in “Google Shopping“.

To analyze the data from the united states I have found “Pickle juice” become less popular between Jan 18, 2015, to June 14, 2015, & it’s a quiet seasonal product.

However, this data can be completely different if you target equatorial countries or any other demographic region.   

For further specifications, You can also need to choose from sub-region “Metro or City”  for metro “Fargo valley City ND” has the highest interest in Pickle juice was as “Toledo OH” have less interest.

demographic subregion
Metro Subregion analysis

Further going details  I have also found The related topic that people are looking on the internet like “Juice-Drink” “Pickled Cucumber”, etc.

So, I hope finally you have got an overall brief overview to use Google Trends for market research for your specific country.  

What Is The Best Way To Use Google Trends? 

The best way to use Google trends depends on your specific industry.

Suppose you are a blogger or running a dropshipping business or you want to start a new business, for further specific niche specifications you have to create a little bit different strategy.

However, you will find Google trend is useful when you create a future strategy of marketing any product.

If you want to promote your brand product then the 7 step procedure I have discussed earlier (beginning of the Article) is the best way to use Google trends for market research.

Drop shipper may watch the “Year in search” the specific year 2009, 2018 or 2020″ & ” Recent Trending ” might help you more to promote your product.

For blogger or content marketer you need to follow the 1st 7 steps. then choose your content creation motivation whether it’s for affiliate product or you want to promote a brand (It doesn’t matter whether it’s your brand or anyone else).

yearly trending search

Basically affiliate marketers choose trend rising products for their content. Because of High ROI for their work.


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