How To Build Your Brand Authentically Empathetic?

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brand authenticity and empathy

Authenticity & empathy is not just a two word, the value of your brand comes from this two keyword concept. Empathy is also an art of broadcasting brand message & share the core value of not only the brand but also the targeted audiences.

An empathetic brand subconsciously solves its targeted audience’s pain point, give them a medium to represent how their pain point is solved by this particular brand.

Empathy is also positioning yourself on the position of the targeted audience, & feels their pain points & experiences.

Moreover, empathy is not a tool for the modern marketing strategy & it’s not an Add-on software, that you install in your brand, to boost sales.

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!! How Do You Miss That, Isn’t?

Do you really think that your “brand message or tag line” is just a blueprinted statement on a piece of paper or, your brand story is just for attracting the customer? Then you are wrong! For an authentic brand, its mission statement is its brand value, mission, moreover, the brand must stand for its “brand message”.

Case Study: A couple of years ago I was branding for a start-up T-shirt company, they want to produce classic polo’s & t-shirts, main targeted audiences ware, generally richer, especially golf sports persons. & above 35+ age group.

My mission was not only designing the logo & other identities for this brand but also create a brand message, I make their brand message “WE ARE CLASSY”.

I choose this brand message because it broadcast this t-shit, is not for everyone, only for the classy people, who love luxuries & authenticity & simplicity in their life, the brand will be standing for these people.

you love sports shoes, purchase Jordan shoes, and ask any parson, why these shoes are above $100, they will shockingly reply to you, its Michel Jordan dude!

These brands are giving value to us, helps to communicate who you are, & what is your value, class in this society.   

Obliviously, it takes a long time that people will trust you & there is no cheat sheet, if any tells you that you need to spend millions of “$” from the beginning, that’s not the 100% correct answer.

Please Do A Favor For Yourself, asked your employees individually, to submit a review on, what is this brand/ business is mean to them? How do they feel when they talked to someone the work or company? & What kind of work culture they aspect from this brand for the future?

Arrange a meeting with your senior stakeholders, review these answers, how much these reviews are fit for your brand?

If your brand’s all stakeholders are engaged in a collaborative culture, then it helps your brand to move towards an authentically Empathetic work culture.    

Above 90% of all global brands are showing empathy towards their stockholders, customer, & that’s put thrust to increase their brand value.

 ———————————————-In this article, I will tell you—————————————————-
How to increase your brand empathy & authenticity ?– that will help to create an empathetic brand.
What are the benefits & importance of empathy for your brand?

How to increase your brand empathy & authenticity?

Like I said, “it’s not a marketing tool or piece of software that helps your business sales growth.”

There are the most effective 5 ways that help to increase your brand empathy.

By active listening & sharing experiences & emotions:

Through the use of many empathetic dialects:

Through open mildness :

Practice curiosity about your customers & stockholders:

 Avoid labeling your customer & the stack holders:

brand authenticity is increased through broadcasting the authentic storytelling…… continue,

What are the benefits & importance of empathy for your brand?

In very short the importance of practicing empathy in your brand culture,

1.  It increases the core value:

2. It also helps in sales growth:

3. It helps your brand to cut out the market competition:

There are so many other benefits of practicing empathy in your brand culture like:

  1. You & your stockholders will feel less aggressive, it’s all about morality & humanity, the cruelty has no space in this culture.

2. It will increase the core value of your brand & as well as the customers.

3. Empathy helps to prevent various political & as well as demographic, religious dividends. Empathy is the key to solve the various conflicts between people.



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