How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO? Definitive guide:

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Long Tail Keywords for SEO are very crucial for Google SERPs ranking. Yes, they are searching in very low intent on Google but they cover larger volumes to get organic traffic.

Long tail keyword research 1

The reason it’s crucial because using the right keyword research method you can envision the shift in demand & supply, the market response, produce the right kind of product for your industry.

Long tail keyword research 2

There is another reason in terms of KWD(Keyword difficulty), generally log tail keywords have low SEO difficulty & keyword which keyword difficulty is less than 10 (according to ahref) they rank quickly on Google.

The concept of long-tail keywords is it combines more than 2 (it will be much better if you can combine 3 to 4 keywords) to create a new keyword like:

SEO content + SEO strategy = SEO content strategy

“SEO”, “content”, “strategy” both keywords have different KWD & KW intent, but when we combine them we get a new Keyword with new KWD.

Generally, short-tail keywords have high SEO difficulty & Google is shouting for the last couple of years they give only preference to those websites which have “EAT” in terms of if they want to rank for high KWD words.

Long-tail keywords are also super helpful to write SEO friendly content.

Long story, in short, there are many ways to find long-tail keywords for SEO some of them are using paid tools & few are free to use. let’s talk one by one using:  

1. Ubersuggest.

2. Alphabet soup method & Google Keyword planner.

3. Google related suggestion.

4. Answer The Public (ATP).

5. Google Trends.

6. Ahref.

7. Keyword finder.

8. Keyword everywhere.

9. Soovle.

10. People Ask Box or FAQ on Google SERPs.

11. Using Quora.

12.  Reddit.

13. Pinterest auto-suggestion.

Now in the latter part of the article, I will tell you how to use these tools to find long-tail keywords to rank on the SERPs.

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Are So Important For SEO Prospective?

There are 3 main reasons why long-tail keywords are important for SEO.

No.1. Google Algorithm Which Makes Long Tail Keyword As A King:

According to Google webmasters when anyone searching for any keyword, (especially long-tail) the algorithm first searching those content that has a maximum no of key phrases exactly matches the search keyword.

In other words, Google checks the relevancy of the content with the search query.

Let’s take an example,

“SEO campaign”, ” SEO campaign 2020″ ” SEO strategy “,  ” SEO strategy 2020″ these keywords are short tail keyword.


if you are targeting  ” SEO campaign strategy “, ” SEO campaign strategy 2020 ” these keywords you will cover larger search query.

No.2. Long Tail Keywords For SEO Point Of View Less Competitive:

When people are searching for long-tail keywords on the internet generally the search volume it covers is very low.

for suppose, you want to rank for a keyword like “SEO strategy” then you have to compete with 154 million websites

SEO strategy


 If are targeting “SEO campaign strategies” then you have to compete with 20 million websites.

SEO campaign strategy

No.3. Long Tail Keywords Can Be Money Keywords For Ecommerce Sites:

Earlier I didn’t have much idea about this concept, later when I watched Neil Patel & Brian Dean’s videos & apply those techniques for my clients, they got amazing results.

Generally, when people are typing long-tail keywords, they have specific search intent to find any information or product or services.

let’s take an example:

When people are searching for ” Tabata exercise ” they might be curious about the type of exercise.

But, when anyone searching the ” Tabata exercise training program ” then there is a very high chance, they are interested to purchase training program courses.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO?

1. Ubersuggest:

I give 1st preferences to Ubersuggest because it’s a free tool by Neil Patel.

Once you need to enter the seed keyword & set the targeted country.

It will automatically show you all the variations of the keyword.

You will get related search, all the questions, preposition & comparisons all the possible searches happen on the internet.

uber suggest keyword research

Always remember no tool can find out exact volume terms & searches happen on the internet. But, they are close to the number of searches or related keywords people are looking for on the internet.

2. Alphabet soup method & Google Keyword planner.

 Now, before I deep dive into the alphabet soup method(I learned this technique from Patt Flynn Affiliate marketing course ) for keyword research, it’s very important to use Google trends.

What the heck!!!!! why Google trend is important?

Here is the answer,

Suppose you are running an e-commerce site or even you are an affiliate marketer, it’s super important to use Google trends for a few reasons.


Check product popularity is increasing or decreasing over the past few years.

3.GTD analysis

The popularity of the product based on the demographic areas.

demographic subregion

To check the buyer persona through the kind of web searches happen on the internet.

type of websearch buyer persona

Whether it’s searching on “Google Shopping”  or “YouTube”,

Once you get all the research data from the Google trends, now you need to go for “Alphabet Soup method”

You need to enter the seed keyword on the Google search & check the suggestion Google will provide you.

Then give space & type “*”. After that, you need to enter “a,b,c,d & so-on………” check what the search engine gives you the suggestions to fulfill the query.     

Google auto Suggestion

Use these key phrases, on the title tag meta description, These will help you for better ranking on the SERPs.  

3. Google related suggestion.

Google related search is also very helpful to target long-tail keywords.

When you type any query on Google, bellow the page you will get google related suggestions that people are searching on the internet.

LSI keywords google Related suggest

If you understand the buyer persona you will easily get whether these are money keywords or not.  

4. Answer The Public (ATP):

ATP is a very awesome tool for bloggers & affiliate marketers to find what people are looking for all over the world.

you get all the variation of the seed-keyword like various types of WH-Question, preposition, ver form & many more.

However, this tool is a Freemium tool. But, free is very awesome & maximum bloggers/ affiliate marketers use this free version.   

5. Ahref.

Ahref is a paid SEO tool for keyword research.

Now when you use this tool you need to understand, keyword research is not about getting traffic from search engines.

If you use properly Ahref for keyword research & SEO audit can easily get specific targeted audiences, who can serve you as a potential customer.

1st click on the keyword explorer.

2nd type, the seed keyword of your industry & select the search engine (Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) & submit

3rd, Then click on “Having same terms”  & you will get all the keyword with different “Keyword difficulty”.

Ahref keyword reasearch 1

According to Ahref keyword difficulty (KD), less than 10 is low competitive, in between 10 to 20 is medium competitive & greater than 20 is highly competitive.

4th, Then you need to set the search intent, whether it’s an informational, Navigational, commercial investigation or Transactional.

Transactional intents are generally people are searching to buy some product or services.

But, according to Ahref, they suggest always target informational keyword then you can cover maximum audiences including the transactional keyword.

5th, If you have a brand new website tries to target low competition keyword they will help you to get out from Google sandbox quickly.

6th, then set the minimum search volume to 1000.

7th, for the eCommerce website, You can set the business potential of a keyword to between 1 to 3.

Ahref keyword research 2

The greater number have maximum business potential. Click on the parent topic. Now you will get all the low competitive long-tail keywords with less search volume.  

6. Keyword finder (KWF).

This amazing tool has a very powerful interface. Keyword finder & Ubersuggest is a perfect combination to replace SEMrush or Ahref.

The interface of KWF is really very simple.

In the dashboard, they are providing 5 different tools for SEO analysis.

KW finder interface

However, in this article, I will only speak about the Keyword finder interface.

First, you need to enter the seed keyword & it will show you all the possible variation of long tail keywords for SEO ranking.

Let’s assume the seed keyword is “SEO ranking factor” & select any particular country & any language.

It has 3 kinds of suggestion like, “Related Keyword”, “Autocomplete”, “Questions”.

you will get data like ” SEO ranking factor  Google”, ” SEO best-ranking factor”, “Bing SEO ranking factor “, etc.

Hey, Look Like You Are Promoting These Tool!!!! What Is It’s API?

Here Is The Answer!!!

They took data mainly from Google & you also get data like keyword difficulty & their exact monthly search volume on Google.

7. Keyword everywhere.

The keyword everywhere is a Freemium web browser extension (Chrome & Firefox). Basically it collects data from the Google search console.

After installing Keyword everywhere extension you will get all the long term variation & related search of the seed keyword you are looking for on Google.   

8. Soovle.

Soovle is an amazing free tool for keyword research.

You will get data’s from not only Google search engine, but also from other search engines.  like-, Bing, Yahoo,

Not only that, It’s an extend tool Amazon associates & eBay. They also collect data from these two platforms.

9. People Ask Box or FAQ on Google SERPs.

Google questions

This option appeared under the Google featured snippet (in most of the time).

If you are a blogger & want to rank on the 1st page of SERPs then it’s an excellent option for you.

When you will enter any keyword Google will auto-suggest you these questions.

You only need to enter these questions & it’s a solution on your blog post.

Check after 24 hours on the Google search console, surely the impression will increase definitely.  

10. Using Quora & Reddit.

Quora KW search

“Quora & Reddit” are the question-answer forum where people discussed the problems

Now how to get long-tail keyword from these places?

In quora, you need to target those question which gets highest follow.

In Reddit, you need to find out a keyword from those questions which get the highest comments.

Because people are facing these kinds of problems & they are looking for a solution in these forums.    

Reddit KW search

11. Pinterest auto-suggestion.

pinterest KW search

Lots of people are thinking that Pinterest is a social media bout, it’s not 100% correct.

Pinterest is a great place if you are selling beauty products, Pets related things, Home decorators, etc.   

How To Find Long Tail Keywords For YouTube?

YouTube is also a search engine. All you need to do enter the seed keyword & it will automatically show you all the variation of the keyword.

But, On YouTube, you can’t take exactly appeared on the search result. Because you will face copy write a claim.

Just add a few modifiers to make the title clickable.

Another important thing is in the creator studio there is one place called “Tag”.

In the “Tag” area you need to submit those long-tail keywords which appeared during searching.

Youtube KW tags

How To Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using Free Tools?

It looks like you miss the points.

Don’t you?

It’s Ubersuggest & Answers The Public both are free tools for keyword research.

Another great Freemium tool is KWF.

How to Use Long Tail Keywords?

The procedure is very simple. you need to put it on the

Title tag & H1 tag, on the Meta description, at the beginning of the sentences & also need to sprinkle within the title.

How Many Types Of Keywords Are There In SEO?

Basically, there are 2 kinds of keywords are in SEO.


1st. Short-tail keywords that are considered high SEO difficulty, Lower search happen & you need to compete with high search volume result on the SERPs.

2nd. Long-tail keywords which are exactly opposite of short tail.  

How Do I Find SEO Keywords?

Well, generally SEO keywords are Long-tail Keywords.

I have already discussed this topic on how to find them & use them, just go through the article you will get the result.

Are Long Tail Keyword Finder Tools Are Helpful?

According to me yes they are helping some extent.

Most importantly, when you get a long tail keyword finder & SEO tool in one place why will you looking for other Long tail keyword finder tools.

The answer is “Ubersuggest” & ATP.

Conclusion & Suggestion:

In this article you have learned tons of ways to explore these long-tail keywords but, It’s not the end. You need to apply those techniques in your projects then you will get the results.

And finally, we have come at the end with these decisions always try to target the long tail keyword for your content. I will push your content to get a better ranking on the SERPs.


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