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In this definitive guide LSI keywords for SEO ranking, I will discuss with you the following topics.

What’s Are The LSI Keywords?
Are LSI Key Words Are The Long Trail Keywords?
Are LSI Key Words Are The Synonym Of The Targeted Keyword?
What Is LSI Optimization?
Why So? Importance of LSI Keywords For SEO Ranking Factor.
What’s Are The Best LSI Keyword Research Procedure From SEO Perspective?
How To Find Out LSI Keywords Of Your Competitors Websites?
How To Use LSI Keywords In The Content or Website?

What’s Are The LSI Keywords?

“The LSI keywords are the related phrases of “targeted keywords’ industry”

Here Is The Simplification !!!!

If the word called  “LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)” is your targeted keyword then it’s related phrases are ‘ahref SEO tool’  ‘LSI graph‘ ‘content marketing’ these are related phrases of your keyword.   

If you want to know more about this Algorithm & how it works, please check Wikipedia


Are LSI Key Words Are The Long Trail Keywords?

The answer is No!!!!!

LSI keywords are not long-tail keywords. Somehow they are related to each other.

Moreover, LSI keywords broaden the search volume of the targeted keywords; whereas, ‘Long trail’ keywords are narrowed down to the specific search result.

If the targeted keyword is “weight loss“.

The LSI keywords will be– keto diet, fat loss, Tabata training, low carb diet, etc, Cardio exercise training, Home gym instrument, etc.

The Long-Trail keywords will be- Weight loss diet, Weight loss diet for men or women, Weight loss benefits, Step by step weight loss guide, weight loss supplement, etc.

Are LSI Key Words Are The Synonym Of The Targeted Keyword?

The Answer Is No!!!!!

It’s Little Bit Confusing To Me!!!!


Simply LSI keywords are the phrases that are closely related to the topic.

It may be a synonym, but, it’s not necessary, every LSI keywords need to be the synonym words.

Suppose you are searching for the keyword “Lean muscle Gain“.

The LSI keywords will be– High-intensity training, low carbohydrate diet, Weight lifting training, Home gym instrument, High fiver foods, High Protein, etc.

lsi keywords

The Synonym keywords will be- Fat loss, Lean muscular body, mussel gain, etc.

What Is LSI Optimization?

LSI optimization is an On-Page SEO technique. Google SERP shows users the most relevant quality content.

 helps in such a way-

Google crawler gets more clear about the content topic & how broadly the content writer covers the content. Moreover, it boosts the search engine ranking factor.

It helps to find your webpage how relevant to the search query, your site will be shown on the SERP for the bigger search query.

Why So? Importance of LSI Keywords For SEO Ranking Factor

Before the last four Google algorithm updates, the crawlers used to found the content or the page topic based on ‘keyword density’.

That means If I’m posting content on the “digital marketing” topic & my keyword density is 30% that means my page is most relevant for the “Digital marketing” search query.

That’s why early days many webmasters make fool Google & rank their content on the 1st page of SERPs.

Google had changed it algorithm.

Now a day’s Google more focuses on the LSI keywords. These LSI words help Google to understand the overall topic/ content of the page.

Based on these keywords Google gets more confident of the content to show it according to the search query.

If you use LSI keywords with the main word then it will help you to avoid keyword stuffing.      

That’s why Google can penalize your content!!!!!

Must check Keyword density is less or equal to 4%.

Use enough LSI words & synonyms   

What the heck Keyword Density???????

Keyword density is the percentage of targeted keyword use in the content.

Here is the more simplification!!!!!!

(Targeted keyword / Total word count of the content)*100.

If the targeted word is “SEO” & it’s repeated on the content 50 times & total no of word count 1000.

Then keyword density is—(50/ 1000)*100 = 5%.

What’s Are The Best LSI Keyword Research Procedure From SEO Perspective?

Google Auto Complete, YouTube Auto Complete, Google Keyword Planner, Google Related search suggest, Uber Suggest, LSI Graph & Key Search, Others minor

Google Auto-Complete

This is the best, easiest way to finding  LSI keywords.

when you are searching for a specific “term” you will find some associated words are auto-completed your search query, these are the LSI keywords.

I have written a post on “digital branding”.

LSI keywords google Auto suggest 1

 Moreover, when I was typing the phrases on Google– I saw some related words that appeared to complete my phrases.

These are called LSI keywords.

 YouTube Auto Complete

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after “Google”.

YouTube does the same thing as Google auto-complete.

here is an example, when I was typing the word “Digital Marketing“, It showed  the list of LSI words

LSI keywords YOUTUBE Auto suggest

Google Keyword Planner

This ‘was & is’ my best keyword search tool all the time.

This tool will help you in two-way

1st, It will show you the LSI keyword Phrases.

As well as,

2nd, The synonym of the targeted keyword.    

All you need to do insert these LSI keywords in your website content, which will help Google to understand the relevancy of the topic according to the search query.

Google Related Search Suggest

This is also closely related to Google’s autocomplete suggestion.

but they appear below the search result.        

LSI keywords google Related suggest

Uber Suggest

This is a free tool created by “Neil Patel” all you need to do, either type the keyword & it will show you all the long trail variation of the search query.

Or, You have to type your competitor URL.

 It will show you all the keywords that are helping to generate traffic on the website.

ubersuggest analysis
ubersuggest LSI keyword search

LSI Graph & Key Search

LSI Graph & Key Search both are awesome LSI keywords finding tools.

LSI graph is the best LSI keyword finding tool.

LSI Graph keywords research

All you need to do type the main targeted keyword, it will automatically show you a list of targeted LSI keywords.

However, both the tool has free as well as premium features. Key-Search is the most affordable LSI keyword research tool.

LSI keywords research KEY SEARCH

 lastly, free versions are works awesome to boost your content SEO friendly.    

 Others Way To Find Out The LSI Keywords.

You can also use Face book & Pinterest to find out the associated phases of the main search keywords.

All you need to do extract the LSI words from them & use them in your content.         

How To Find Out LSI Keywords Of Your Competitors Websites?

Here, I will only show you the free technique.

1st go to Ubber Suggest & Type your competitor URL.

2nd, check all the keywords that drive traffic to his/ her websites

3rd, Collect the targeted keyword which you are looking for ranking

4th, Go to LSI graph/ key search then type the keyword.

5th, collect as much as LSI keyword suggestion.

6th, Use this keyword in your content.

How To Use LSI Keywords In The Content or Website?

Early day’s  I was also a bit more confused about the same question!!!!!!!!

Here is the deal!!!!

all you need to do use these LSI keywords as phrases in the content.

If you are writing a post on an SEO campaign.

then must talk about- “SEO audit tool, Types of the campaign, SEM, Social Media Marketing,  Brand awareness’s, PPC, Click-through rates ”  

These bold words are LSI keywords of “SEO Campaign”, main targeted keyword.


Use this awesome technique & create SEO friendly Content.

 It will boost your site ranking 1st page of SERPs. 

Google can still penalize you although, you have used all the LSI words & create SEO friendly articles.

Because, if your content is not enough to help the audiences.

If your content is not helpful, then automatically bounce rate will increase & Google just think your website is not helpful for the audiences. 

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