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Mediavine Vs Adthrive

In my opinion, it will be very difficult to compare Mediavine vs Adthrive, until you run both the Ad network on the same website. They perform differently for a different niche website.

When you are in digital space & put your time & money to publish content for your audiences, it’s very natural that not only you but everyone want some return for their work.

First Of all, I will give here the general difference between both the ad network & then I will discuss it thoroughly with their performance on the different niche websites.

Mediavine vs Adthrive short comparison:

Mediavine & Adthrive both are Google Certified Advertisement partner.

Both share up to 75% of their ad revenue with their publisher

Mediavine minimum required 25k session/month at least for 30 days before apply.

Adthrive required at least 100k session/month,  for minimum  30 days before you apply.

Mediavine & Adthrive both give their best for customer response. But I found Mediavine is much more supportive than Adthrive.

Payment delay for Mediavine is 65 days were as Adthrive delay 45 days    

Moreover, I have found Placing Mediavine Ads on the site is not impacting on SEO friendliness. They don’t place more than 2 to 3 ads on a single post.

But I, personally prefer Mediavine rather than Adthrive.

Why so? Heck, their payment is too lengthy!!!!!!!

Though the Mediavine payment procedure is a little bit lengthy (I’m very sorry to say I can disclose my other niche site publicly) but, I found the rpm touches even more than $30 even $35 per 1000 impression.

In the case of Adthrive, I got $11 to $13 & highest touch $24 per 1000 impression.

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 In this article I will cover toughly —

How Blogger & Small publishers make money from the Ad Network?
What amount of money you can make from these ad networks?
Cost Per thousand Click vs Cost per thousand impressions which one is better?
What Amount of Money You Can Make From Mediavine Vs Adthrive?
How many page views do I need for Mediavine?
How many page views do I need for Mediavine?   
The payment system Mediavine vs Adthrive:
Mediavine vs Adthrive which one suitable for my blog?

How Blogger & Small publishers make money from the Ad Network?

Most of the new bloggers are running AdSense on their blog. But not only AdSense bout there are many other ad networks are available on the market & they are using the CPC method to pay to the blogger.

That means every time when your audiences come to your blog & click on the ad then only you get paid.  No click no money!!!!!

Where Ad Network like Mediavine, Adthrive, Ezoic are paid based on CPM data that means you will be paid for if your audiences see the ad on the site.

Most interestingly if you or your friends or family will click on these ads to make money for you, your ad account will be in trouble.

What Amount of Money You Can Make From These Ad networks?

This is a very blog niche & demographic dependable question for anyone. My sister is running a cooking blog & most of her traffic is comes from Pinterest & they are from the US & Australia (few are from UK, Russia & Asia also).

 I have found personally Mediavine gives her the best payout for 125k page view per month rather than Adthrive.

However minimum CPM for Adthrive is much more than Mediavine but the highest CPM of Mediavine is much more than Adthrive.

Even I have also found few bloggers from the facebook community, they show me Adthrive performs much better than the Mediavine.

Where Mediavine highest CPM is less than $20 but for Adthrive some time it touches $24 for 1000 page views.     

So, if you are running a recipe blog & your most of (85%) audiences are from “Tire-I countries” the Mediavine can you, even more, $2300 for above 100k page views per month.

Most interestingly, our study from various websites shows above 50% of adults (especially the young) from the UK are using Adblocker extension on their Web browser.

So there is no guarantee, You can make money whether you are running CPC or CPM ad network on your site.

It’s much better to go for other recourses (affiliate marketing, Selling Info Product)  

Cost Per Thousand Click Vs Cost Per Thousand Impression Which One Is Better?

Obliviously the answer is Cost Per Impression (CPM). There is no guarantee that your visitors will click the ad to helps you to get money from these ad networks.

mideavine cpc

What Amount of Money You Can Make From Mediavine Vs Adthrive?

Well, that again depends on the blog topic & demographic factor. Generally, Mediavine Ad Network is best for those who are in health or recipe bloggers.

Even Mediavine performs very well for the gardening blog niches Travel blog niches.

But, many bloggers much prefers Adthrive over the Mediavine because the lower RPM rate of Ad thrive is much greater than the Mediavine RPM rate.

Averagely, Mediavine provides somewhere $7 to $35 per 1000 page view for my other niche site where in the same field I have found the highest RPM from Adthrive $22 for 1000 page view.

I have another case study of  “” the site owner said his average RPM from Mediavine is approx $9.5 per 1000-page view.    

Here is another interesting fact!!!!

Another interesting fact about Mediavine vs Adthrive both of their revenue much depends on the demographic region of the audiences.

If most of them are from form the US, UK, Canada then the revenue will be much higher than audiences from Tire-II & Tire-III countries.

mediavine earning

How Many Page Views Do I Need For Mediavine?

For Mediavine you need 25k session/ month at least for the 30 days before you apply for their ad network. In terms of page-views (PV), the minimum requirement is 30k PV/ Month where the minimum session is 1.2 second.

My suggestion is If you have less than 25k Session/ month but more than 10k Session/ month go for Ezoic.

Especially if your blog is on travel, beauty product, men or women fashion niches. Though their Average RPM rate is lower than Mediavine.

How Many Page Views Do I Need For Adthrive?

For Adthrive more than 100k session/ month is required, at least for the 30 days before you apply for their ad network. Obliviously more than 80%  traffic need be from the US

mediavine requirement

The Payment System Mediavine Vs Adthrive:

Payment system of Mediavine vs Adthrive both has some different prospective for charging Tipalti fees. Both of them transfer through PayPal, Paper Check Wire Transfer method. In this chart below I have explained within a table content.  

Where Mediavine needs 65 days & Adthrive needs 45 days. Both of them send E-Check or Local bank transfer, however, bank may charge somewhere around 2.5% for currency transfer.


Mediavine Vs Adthrive Which One Suitable For My Blog?

According to my opinion, Mediavine is the best. But, few bloggers who are working on “how to blog?” niche Mediavine average CPM lower than Adthrive.

They also said that 90% of their visitors are from the US. They have tested each ad network for 6 months.

Anyway, what I have found the Mediavine performs very well on food, recipe, travel, home farming blog.

I’m currently working on “digital marketing” Website “StoryOfSigns”. I still need to experiment with these ad networks on my site to give you a more detail review.

Few FAQ about Mediavine vs Adthrive:

Mediavine also has a site performance dashboard, where you can easily see the site performance.

For Adthrive, they upload a minimum of 3 ads on pages, I have also found some time the site performs a little slower than the Mediavine.

However, both of their customer support is more or less very well after they accept you but their acceptance procedure is a little bit lengthy.

Another interesting fact is if your domain band by Google AdSense, generally they will not accept your domain for their publishers.  

They don’t have any Affiliate program or both of them (Mediavine vs Adthrive) does not charge any money from the publishers.     

Anyway if you have any other questions on Mediavine please check their official video I have uploaded below.     


It’s my personal experience Mediavine is work great for Me & my sister also ( for Amazon affiliate blog). Yes, you can go for Mediavine if you are from those blogs, I have mentioned previously.

Thanks for reading my article, If you found my article is helpful to solve your queries then please, share it on social media & among your friends.  

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