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For all new Digital marketers, bloggers, this question is always in their mind .net vs .com which one is best for an SEO perspective?

Well, the short term answer is no there are no active differences between .net vs .com domain extension according to SEO prospective, the content & 3 types of SEO matters. But, there can be a passive effect on SERPs ranking because of these two domain extensions.

But most of the internet users like .com domain extension, rather than .net.

Because of that, if maximum CTR (Click Through Rate) goes to .com extension on SERPs, then automatically.Com domain will rank above the .Net on SERPs.   

Using Purpose.COM VS .NET Domain Extension

Basically, .Com domain extensions are associated with commercial content or business websites.

 .Net extensions are provided backups for “.Com” domain. Few digital marketers also stated .Net was using for networking businesses purposes.

Similarly, “.Org” extensions are uses mainly uses by charitable organizations.  

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