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Responsive Web design became very crucial from at that time when smartphones were spill over all corners of the world.

Maximum internet users are addicted to social networking sites through their mobile or tablets.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means your website design in this way that, it will rearrange its design according to the browser size or devices.

Little Bit Confuse!!!!!!

Suppose when you open any website from a mobile it will adjust its front end design according to mobile size screen.

Similarly, if the devices will be computer or tablet then it will adjust its design according to these devices.

What Are The Importance Of Responsive Web Design?

Every marketer sets basic target their basic target drive organic traffic from Google & generates more sales for the organization.

Let me tell you a case study to make you clear of the fact.

In my early days, I was searching for Mobile SEO related facts for my client lead generation.

Suddenly, I had found two articles on &

The companies that are running outdated nonresponsive web-design, they lose a significant amount of revenue from low lead generation.

Hubspot stated that the website whose organic traffic had dropped down 5%, they lose huge revenue.

On the other hand, I have found in the same article 60% small businesses (out of 3400 small business case study 2016) didn’t have a modern website.

Because they sell their product in the of-line market.

But, In 2019 data show-

84% of US citizens directly shopping from Google.

More than 80% of people research a company online.

Mobile & tablets are driving more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations.

90% above consumer searching online even for local businesses.

Above 50% of search, quires are more than 4 words long, long-tail keywords.

In 2018 average mobile pages takes more than 15 seconds as loading time.

Now, I hope you get clear!! how important is a responsive web design, especially if the maximum no of audiences from your industries are using mobile phones?

But, How To Check Mobile Friendliness?

Google creates a Free tool for us to check whether Our websites are “Mobile Friendly” or not.

mobile friendlyness


Grab Maximum Mobile Users:

I represent my case study data from 10 different authorities websites like “” & many more sites.

Only in the US, 60% above internet users use Google from Mobile.

Globally, more than 60% of yahoo visits made out of mobile phones.

In 2020 more than 2.5 & near 3 billion internet searches will happen through mobile phones.

Especially, starting from social media to purchase commodities & services from e-commerce sites, a huge chunk of users are using mobile phones as their primary internet device.  

What the heck you are talking about!!!!! let’s give me some real figure

Here is the data!!!!

searches happen through Google

Face book: 233,105,051

Amazon 104,850,010.

EBay 58,550,004.

Gmail 92,600,000.

Google 85,859,000.

YouTube 196,605,010.

Yahoo 56,660,105.

Globally nearly 62.5% of internet users are using Mobile as their internet searching device.

China has the highest no smartphone users in 2018: 782,848,000 source. & in 2019: 851.15 million.

Average smartphone users spend more than 4.5 hours on their mobile phones.

If you want to get your users from a mobile phone then Mobile responsive web design is very important for your business.

Reduce Google Analytics Exit Rate:

The exit rate is not like the bounce rate, it’s the overall time spending rate on your site before users actually leave it completely.

 Let’s discuss deeply:

I hope you know about the page view vs. page session.

suppose you have 5 web pages: Page A, B, C, D, E.


Exit rate:

Page NameSession RateNo of Session Session Exit No
A33% 0301
B 25%0401
D 0%0200

For more.

The exit rate is not as important as the bounce rate; but it’s still important to increase your conversion rate. Because some how search engine got some kinds of message that this website is may not produce good quality content, or the website is not fulling the user intent, that’s why your website may de-ranked from the SERPs.

Responsive themes & proper content helps your audiences with better user experience.

Because of that, your conversion rate from lead generation will be increasing.

Lower Down The Bounce Rate:

Let’s understand the bounce rate through the previous example


Page NameBounce RateCauses
B 0%
C 0%
D 0%
E100% 1 Session start & exit

So, in other words, the bounce rate is the exit percentage of a single session.

Bounce rate cause can be not only the responsive web design but also irrelevant content, poor user experiences, etc.

In internet space everyone is busy & looking for some solution if your website takes too long to open it, the users will press the back button.

This kind of action sends a negative signal to Google which heart SERPs ranking.  

Mobile responsive websites not only open faster but also gives nice user experiences to their users.

They spend more time on the site & google found the content is more relevant let’s boost its ranking.

Gain Maximum Lead Generation:

If the website will be multi-devices friendly, it easy to navigate your site from any device.

In another way, users will spend more time on your sites to read your content.

If your inbound marketing strategy is very strong, then there is a huge potential to get more lead from your users.

Few Other Pro-Tips I Have For You For Lead Generation:

Use maximum graphics & bar graphs in your content.

Write a helpful blog post to educate your readers to solve their problem, with-out promoting your tool or services,

Get Higher Ranking On SERPs:

After 2016, Google SERPs gives more preferences to those websites which have install AMP or if the website is fully responsive to any devices.

Actually this Higher ranking on the search pages depends on various factors like.

Website usability, The Bounce Rate, The Exit Rate, No of backlink your website gets from other sites, internal linking, page design, page loading speed & many more things.

But, all these factors are directly & also indirectly affects by the type of web design you choose for your site.

If your website is fully optimized & responsive all above these factors will boost itself; because of that your ranking on the SERPs will be upward moving.

Your Website & Content Deal With Greater User Experience:

Everyone including me uses the internet to find out solutions to any problem; through the website.

If the users are unable to navigate your site then it’s very hard to stick to your site for a long time.

There is one parameter on “Google Analytics” called ‘Average Time On Page (ATP)’.

ATP=(Total amount of time all users spend on the page)/ No of users comes to the page.

Responsive web design gives better usability to the users, which increases ATP.

The good users experience to boost the web traffic by repeating the users back to your site for new searches.

This step helps to increase brand awareness of your website & help to establish the E.A.T.

Most importantly if your website is not responsive then it might look like an awkward from mobile. Lastly, if the website is not properly optimized from mobile then it really frustrated the users.

They might not get the content which they already read from the desktop.

If you are using the WordPress platform for your website then “Generate Press” is the perfect theme for you; however, if you are creating an eCommerce  website or Online learning website like skillshare the “Wp-Astra” theme will be perfect for you.

Last Pro-tips I have for you!!!!!! for increasing “ATP”

Create great content for your user.

Use Graphics in your content.

Bold, underline the important words & phrases in your content.

You also can add various case studies from different websites. If possible add customer reviews on your website or web content.

Boost Page Loading Time:

“Page Loading Time” is a vital SEO ranking factor. Though Google webmaster has said that page loading time is not direct SEO ranking factor.


Maximum pages which rank top 5 position their page loading time is less than 3 second.

If your website is too slow to open then the user might jump back to other website & the bounce rate will automatically increase.

That sends a negative signal to the Google & it decrease your website SERP ranking position.

Responsive Web-design also has a plus point it open quicker in mobile phone compare to zombie web-theme.

Google create a free tool to test your website speed for desktop as well as mobile version; However, these tool is not show you the actual page loading time,

You can use GT-Matrix to check your page loading speed for specific country wise.

Last Pro tips I have for you…

Must ensure that Googlebot can navigate your website JavaScript, CSS files. Lots of people block (earlier I also did this action) rendering the JavaScript, CSS files to increase page loading time.

If you disallow the robot.txt file to navigate these files from your website, moreover it hurt the algorithms & indexing your content.

For more, please read it.  

Use, CDN & cashing plugging(W3 total cache or WP-Rocket) along with the responsive themes.

Helps To Deal With Duplicate Content Issues:

You invest your all kind of resources to create a copy of web content for the web version.

But, Google algorithms are still now not as intelligent to find out which web content is more relevant for which websites.

Even if you build a separate website for your mobile users, still you will face a hard time to manage those issues.

All of us know that the Duplicate contents are really harmful to SEO ranking on the search page.

The search engines will get a bit more confused about which content will get higher ranking on search pages.

Lastly, users get the wrong direction or misleading about your website.

That’s why Mobile responsive web design helps for SEO ranking.

Boost Local SEO:

It sounds like this is an alien phrase, but it’s true.

In maximum tire one countries, people use mobile rather than a laptop to searching the local key phrases on Google.

According to “”, 58% of adults do voice searches for local businesses in the US.

The same source claimed 50% of all searches happen in 2020 through mobile phones.

These mobile search results somehow influence specific geographic search queries.

That’s why you need to link-up with these SEO parameters.

Alternatively, Google will identify your optimizes web content/website & gives a suitable SERP position for the particular search query

If your website loading speed is too slow & users will press the back button, It will not only increase the bounce rate but also “Exit Rate”.

This kind of action represents to Google that, this website gives poor user experience to its users, reduces the ranking on SERPs.       

Get Favor From Google:

More than 80% of Internet users all over the world use Google as their primary search engine.

Google has stated in their blog post they prefer Responsive Web-design for many reasons.

1. Responsive Web design reduces possibilities of common mistakes like-

Blocking The javaScript,

Un-playable zip or videos or animated files.

Reduce faulty redirection & mobile 404 errors.

Slow tablet or mobile pages,   

Small font size, etc.

2. Not only that, using a single URL, users can easily share your content on various places.

3. It reduces Googlebot page crawling time. If your website is not responsive then different Googlebot needs to crawl your site to retrieve data from all versions of your content. 

Boost SEO Through Social Sharing:

More than, 70% of people in user from the US use mobile phones for social media surfing.

Though Social share is not directly affected or boosts the SEO ranking; but, indirectly it helps a lot.

If you have a large chunk of audiences, in social Media Group & also your content is engaging then it can drive lots of traffic on your site.

Most importantly, it boosts Brand awareness of yours. business.

Lastly, when people will directly searching with your site using brand name, It represents the “EAT” of your site to Google.

That boost SEO ranking.

Like in my field website like- Backlinko, Search Engine Journal, Neil Patel they are the brand & also have the EAT.

Whenever they post something their content will get higher ranking on the SERP very quickly.

Is Responsive Web Design Helps In Link Building?

The answer is Yes & No both.

Why are you confusing? let’s talk straight

Here Is The Answer!!!!

Actually backlinking the content is more depends on quality content. People like to share quality posts on their sites.

However, if your site is not fully mobile or tablet responsive then the user might not access data from these devices.

If they don’t find any useful content from your site then how can they link back you?  


There is no doubt that Responsive design is a modern SEO ranking factor, Especially If you are targeting audiences from the US, UK, Australia then must use responsive design on your website.

Along with this, you need to create strong SEO strategy for your website. This formula will give you result not for the short time but for a long time.


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