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SEO friendly content

In 2020 SEO content writing is not a piece of cake, especially if you don’t know properly how to write it.

According to Google webmasters & other SEO experts, Google has changed its algorithm more than 3k times to give its user’s best experiences.

So, if you don’t know how to do SEO content writing, then probably you will not get Maximum ROI.

Because of Google’s massive algorithm updates, the strategy works in 2014 will not work in 2020.

Because of these, I did massive research before publishing this article on my websites.

Focus on The Content details:
Focus On Content Readability:
Target Right Keyword For Right Industry:
Add a Modifier in the title tag to make it Attractive :
Invest in Attractive Graphics for our content:
The Page Speed: Did you Check it?
Become Pro Content Engagement Writer :
Check The Content Ever Greenness In Your Industry :
Be Original In Your Content:
Write Content In Your Expertise:
Featured Snippet Is Your Main Target:
Add LSI Keywords In Your Content:
Care More About The User Experiences:
Create AMP Version Of Each Page:
The Content Inter Link Building:

How Do You Write Effective SEO Content? The 15 tips:

1st, Focus on The Content details:

Google webmaster John Muller has said it’s all about content.

When you about any topic (after keyword research) must focus on the content depth.

In other words, if you are writing about the Chicken nugget recipe then write the following topics–

How to marinate?

what is the ingredient required for these?

what are the ingredients mixing ratio?

How long should you keep it marinated?

At what temperature you will keep it?  

I hope you got it.

When you write about the topic from all angle, Google gets signal that this content is more relevant for user search query & your rank get higher-ups.

Last Pro tips I have for you !!!!!

When you target any keyword & type it on Google you will get two more thing-  

“People also asked & Google related search”

Add those topics in your article, your content will get more impression then it receives ever before.

2nd, Focus On Content Readability:

In general, Google has said you must produce content that a 10 years old child can easily understand the topic very well.

Yoast free SEO plugging, have amazing feature it automatically suggests you the readability suggestion.

Few suggestions by Yoast are –

Your content must have at least above 26% transitional sentences.

Use less than 20% passive sentences.

Don’t start multiple sentences with the same Keyword especially within the same heading.

3rd, Target Right Keyword For Right Industry:

There are lots of keywords are available on the internet that has high search volume but this doesn’t have any CPC rates & many of them even have high CPC rates.

Many of them if you can target, easily ranked for those keywords in your industry but, there is very little chance that you will make money from targeting these keywords.

Like I’m in the online marketing industry & “Online marketing ” It’s SEO Difficulty (SD) is “36” means medium-difficult.

But this keyword may not lead you to sell your product & services.

Users may be looking for the information “what exactly the thing is”


“Online marketing courses (High SD),

 Online marketing training, Online marketing companies, Online marketing agencies (Low & medium SD) ”

If you target these Long-tail keywords then there are maximum chances that users are looking for purchasing these kinds of services.

Most importantly!!!!!!

You need to clarify your target audiences, their social profile or background, the demographic region, the trending of the topic or keyword for at least 5years.

Ubersuggest & Google Trends together will help you, to find out the solution for you.

4th, Add a Modifier in the title tag to make it Attractive :

Modifiers are great words or phrases that help you to get more Click Through Rate (CTR).

If you get more click-through rate then it sends a positive signal to Google that, this content is much more relevant than others, shown in the SERPs.

Automatically your ranking on the SERPs will increase.

According to SEJ & SEO-Moz, the top three content on SERPs will get more than 60% click than others.

These modifiers can be “definitive guide” or 15 tips no 9 & 11 (will shock you/ you may not know)”.

5th, Invest in Attractive Graphics for our content:

Yes, these may sound costly to you but this is a true fact.

 You can create bar graphs, matrices, or typography animated videos for your audiences.

These will not only reduce your Google analytics bounce rate, but also the exit rate of your audiences.

Actually bounce rate is not so much important, especially it’s the exit rate which is much more important for SEO ranking factors.

Another Advice I Have For You–

Select the graphics name related to your target keyword. This procedure will help you to place the image on Google image search.

Last pro tips I have for you!!!!!!!

Must include an alt tag for every picture or graphics you have used in the content.

Invest, little bit more money to create attractive graphics.

6th, The Page Speed: Did you Check it?

The page speed of your site or your content page is one of the critical factors to determine the friendliness of the SEO content writing.

If your page loading speed is more than 3 seconds than Google may penalize your site ranking.

However, Google Webmasters have said that page speed is not much important, as the content.

But, if your page loading speed is more than three seconds, you may lose huge audiences, no one wants to waste their time on the internet.

In another way, it will increase the exit rate, which is more harmful to SEO ranking.  

Another important fact that you must check your site loading speed on Mobile, using Google free tool.

If it’s more than 60 or 65 (for mobile) then your site is absolutely fine for mobile.

7th, Become Pro Content Engagement Writer :

To become a pro content writer, you need to know certain fact the audiences & SEO content writing like–

1stEvery blog audiences like original fresh content.

2nd, No-one wants to read a huge paragraph, they look like boring & sleepy.

Always try to complete your sentences within twelve (12) words.

3rd, Write simple sentences, to make the topic clarify for most of the people.

4th, Add attractive phrases in your content.

SEO-Moz had published in their blog post phrases like – “Here is the Deal/ answer”, “60% of offer limited” keep the reader more engaging on your site.

5th, You also can do bold few words or underline it to get more reader attraction.

8th, Check The Content Ever Greenness In Your Industry :

Always looks for such kind of content, which can be evergreen for your target audiences.

Sometimes these types of contents do not give you lead generation for sells but, it provides values to your audiences.

Google trends are very helpful to find out content ever greenness. If a topic or product demand is declining with time, then you need to think about it before producing any content.

9th, Be Original In Your Content:

People like original content, because that provides value & trustworthiness.

The advice I’m giving you in this article, I have applied it many times for my own content writing & it’s given me the result.

If you lied to your audiences once if they will grab it, they never come back to your site.

The most effective strategy for SEO content writing will be if you add fresh data to your content.

The Search engines especially Google frequently updates its algorithm for SERPs ranking.

Though the data is quite old (2018) from the market of original research, they had published The Buzz-Sumo data on market research.

In 2018 companies had published data from “survey-based research is 66%” & they have “analyze their own data 54%“.

Most interestingly they have found that 56% of marketers have reported that they achieved more than their target.

Other interesting facts are

Their website traffic has increased by 74%,

The social share had increased by 63%,

They are monitored by influencers & bloggers have increased by 56%.

10th, Write Content In Your Expertise:

From 2018 till now Google gives more & more preferences to the authentic content to shows in the SERPs.

After, Google EAT update self-branding becomes more necessary to rank your content especially in the case of “Health”, “Finance”, “Fitness” department.

That’s why my suggestion in this matter brand yourself on social media especially LinkedIn will be the next Facebook after 10 years (The LinkedIn data I have found from Garyvee’s video).

YouTube is another Video content marketing platform.

The future SEO content marketing will be “Video”.

All you need to do create after publishing a blog post, create a YouTube video & publish it.

When you will do market research for publishing content in your expertise, then you can easily find out which data is correct & which is not.

Through this way, you can give better user experience & your audiences will trust you.

11th, Feature Snippet Is Your Main Target:

Yes, my friend, feature snippet gains a maximum click-through rate.

However, after 2018 till 2020 featured snippet is the main target for bloggers & digital marketers.

Now, to make your content prepare for a featured snippet, you need to do a certain thing like-

Directly answer the user query within the first 300 to 500 words of the intro section.

Content is King, Google is now looking for quality over quantity.

Use Meta tag & header H1, H2, etc, moreover, add seed keyword within the main header.

Must include original research data & format it correctly.

Another thing must answer all the question appeared on the SERPs when you enter the seed keyword on Google search query.

Because, it gives a strong signal to search engine that this content is more helpful lets, pull it ranking further higher.

For more about the featured snippet, please go to SEO-Moz to read a comprehensive post on this topic.

12th, Add LSI Keywords In Your Content:

LSI keywords are those key phrases & terms that are related to the content topic.

It’s very helpful for SEO content writing.

Like, If you have written about pizza recipe; then, the LSI keyword will be dough, flour, water, olive oil, chicken, veggies, etc.    

Now, I know lots of people will argue there is no LSI Keyword algorithm present in Google algorithms.

But, John Muller has said, they have a similar algorithm to check what exactly the content relevancy.

 To read more about the LSI keyword please read the article.

13th, Care More About The User Experiences:

Like GARYVEE advice, to take care of the people.

User experience is a great factor for SERP ranking.

If you structure your content properly & make it attractive, your audience will love it & try to spend more time on your site.

But, How Do I Give My User Best Experiences On My Site?

Here Is The Answer!!!!

You can add graphical elements, bar charts, & other visual elements in your content.

Structure Properly Header 1, 2 moreover, it will help your audiences to a better understanding of the topic.

Use modern fonts in your content.

You can also bold the important texts along with this, also you can apply the user line.

14th, Create AMP Version Of Each Page:

Google webmasters have clearly stated that they give preferences to those websites which more mobile-friendly & also have to install AMP versions of their pages.

Google AMP was introduced on 23/02/2016, It was as open-source intensive & its main vision was optimized content for mobile phones.

The website which has an AMP version you will see it under the content title.

AMP pages are loading time is less than 4 to 8 times, compared to the zombie pages.

15th, The Content Inter Link Building:

In another word On-Page SEO technique, This technique is very helpful in several ways like-

It’ helps make your website more authoritative in the niche.

You will see the Google analytics Exit rate is reduced quite a lot (boost in SERP ranking).

The page Session will be increasing. Users will spend more time on your site which another strong signal for SEO ranking factor.

It makes your user more engaging toward content.

Overall It boos your SEO performances. Though Google has Stated EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness) is the new ranking factor.

But, from the very beginning, Google gives more importance to Trusted & Authentic content as their 1st priority.

What Is The Best SEO Tips Of Quick Ranking?

There are 3 kinds of SEO techniques On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO.

But, If you want to rank your “Blog post” On Google SERPs then just follow the 15 steps I have already described.

How Do I Make My Content SEO Friendly?

The long story on short-

Write high-quality content.

Target low difficulty long tail keyword

Make your content engaging sharable, add graphics.

Write long length blog posts at least above 2000 words long.

SEO Content-Length 2019-20:

There are three kinds of Content, If you target a High competitive keyword then write a pillar post.

The content length will be at least 4000 words long.

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