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Answer me!!!

Do you really think that SEO friendly article or content really helps the reader to engage in a post?

That’s not 100% correct. Great content helps your reader to engage in your post.

“Great contents” are

The content answered to the point of the query.

Also, explain associated terms & concepts if necessary.

The sentence word limit less than 12. etc,

Obliviously, great contents help in SEO ranking. But, “SEO friendly content” does not always help the reader engaging in the content.  

Moreover, when you produce content for any targeted keyword, collect articles of the top 5 search results.

Produce an article that is just 5 times better than the top 5 articles.    

— this article content —
IN short how to write SEO friendly articles or content?
Why Great contents help websites in SEO ranking?
How long it takes for a great SEO friendly content or article to rank 1st page of search results?
How to write SEO friendly article, blogpost detail explanation?
Bonus Tips For You

—In Very Short Answer—

 To write SEO friendly article or content, you need to follow few instructions like,–

Proper use of meta tag (H1, h2, h3,h4….).

Writing a subheader.   

The exact use of “Key phrases” in the articles Title tag, within the first 20 words of the content. In meta tag.

According to Yoast SEO  autosuggestion — the key phrases must be repeated, 4 times within the content.

Content must, long in volume. It does not necessary to be 3000 words long. but at least 1500- 2000 words is the best for content.

Multiple-use of the synonym of the key phrases.

Proper maintaining of keyword density & frequency.

According to article readability:

Using 30% of transitional words.

Less than 25% of the passive voice sentences can be added.

The power of SEO friendly article/ content is you can grow your businesses with significantly less amount of money.

A great SEO friendly content, with good backlinking (backlinking from authoritative sites)structure, boost your website indexing.

your audiences will find you on the first page of the search result.

Moreover, Do You Know Why Great Contents Are Helps Websites In SEO Ranking?

page view bounce rate

Great content engaging readers to spend more time on the website. Because of, that Google get a positive signal “this website produce helpful & genuine content“.

consequently,  it reduces the bounce rate. As a result, thrust the website ranking on the 1st page of search result & boost your page indexing.         

How Long It Takes For A Great SEO Friendly Content Or Article To Rank 1st Page Of Search Result?

time waiting

Though it’s neither easy to produce content with maintaining the two facet characteristics. Nor, it’s easy to rank on the Google 1st page.

It required time, According to My personal case study–

The websites rank 1st page of the Google search has at least one year old. The top 2 websites of the search results are more than 2+ years old approx to 3 years.     

How To Write SEO Friendly Article or BLOG POST Detail Explanation?

Before I tell you the deep analysis of the procedure;

You need to know there are two kinds of great content that help websites SEO ranking.  

The response type of content are generally 1200- 1900 word (mentioned earlier)long, solve a particular problem with associate query. 

like –“How To Write SEO Friendly Article or Content?”

The authoritative content, generally 3000- 5000 word long, cover all the aspect of the query. like — Mobile SEO.  baklinko cover all the aspect of mobile SEO.        

Wait !!!!! Let Me Explain:

The procedure of writing the content–

1. Writing SEO Friendly Title & Sub Headline

title & meta description

To write an SEO friendly Headline, the title must contain exact key phrases.

You also can use phrases like “interesting, It’s really working, 100% genuine, shocking, Ultimate”, etc.

For more details, pick any business or fashion magazine or newspaper. Watch how they design their title for the content.  

The headline & subheadline helps the search crawler to analyze the page properly. Moreover, it makes easier for audiences, to understand the content.

That’s why, if the content is “great” (helpful, informative, interesting, engaging), then it reduces the bounce rate.

Obliviously, low bouncing pages get higher ranking in the search engine.

Though, the title & sub-headline, little bit saturate the key phrases but don’t stuff the keyword randomly in the content.        

Never miss!!!!!!  Last but not in the list —

The A/B testing with your content article. Ubersuggest is a free tool created by Neil Patel that might help you in that case.   

The A/B testing with your content article. Ubersuggest is a free tool created by Neil Patel that might help you in that case.   

2.Optimize The Length Of The Article

Early days Google algorithm was totally different!!!!!!

Google preferred short crispy within 300 to 500 word long answers. However, now a day’s Google likes long articles. Because of the Google panda & hummingbird updates.

 But if the article is too long, audiences will not enjoy the content. For that reason, it is best practice to write an article from 1200 to 1900 words long.

Another scenario that happed for “Authoritative Post” articles are generally above 3000 words long(mentioned earlier).

You need to use  Google webmaster tool & Google analytics to check your page view, bounce rate, etc. Also, check the Google page ranking of your site & your competitor site for the targeted keyword.  

Analyze the top 5 to 10 articles, collect all the information which not covered in your article.

Then insert recreate content which is at least double better than the top results.   

3. The Content/ Article UX

Why content structure important?

Structuring, the content helps, the readers to understand, because of that, audiences get a quick answer for their query.     

 How to Structure for better readability?

The content must be structured in  3 part–

1st, Intro, the thematic facet of the article. Must use the key phrases within 20 words of the introduction; furthermore, you can insert a quick answer to the search query.    

2nd, The core part, It deeply solves the query & analyzes most of all, related facets of the query.

3rd. end with the conclusion,

But I’m sorry most of the cases I leave this. I only write a conclusion when I get enough free time.  

4. Interlinking The Contents & Pages


If you have already done multiple posts, don’t forget to interlink them together. This is a great way to tell Google, the website has an authority on the niche.

The on-page SEO is a great way to boost Google ranking factor, It also helps Google crawler to crawl the entire website.

How Do You Miss This!!!!

Don’t forget to upload content on for a regular interval at least twice a week. Likewise. This also sends a message to the crawler to crawl the site for regular intervals.

Even more, the interlinking awesome way to engaging the reader within the content. As a result, it will reduce the bounce rate. Similarly, it also sends a positive signal to Google to boost the page ranking.

5. Choosing The Long Trail Key Word

low search volume keyword

Long trail-related keywords are a cover vast area of the search query. The long-tail keywords are not vastly types by the users. because of that, it has a low search volume.

If you target those keywords then, the web-page will be easily rank on the first page within a short amount of time.

That’s why always target Long trail low competitive keywords, for your content.

Till Not Clear For Me !!!!!!!

Example:  SEO, SEO campaign, SEO strategy, these are a short trail keyword. But, the “SEO campaign strategy for 2020” is a long trail keyword.

Read More about Top free keyWord research tool all time.

6. Image/ Video Optimization.

 Visual content like images & videos really helps the content in two ways-

No 1, It helps the audiences to engage within your content. For that reason, it reduces the bounce rate.

No 2,  Because of No 1  reason, search engine get a positive signal, this content is more authoritative & engaging one, let’s boost the page ranking.

BUT,  The Game Will Be Totally Different !!!!!!!!!    IF

The image is large in size; as a result, the page will be load slower. If page loading speed above the 3 seconds, Google penalize the website. by degrading it’s ranking position.

That’s why if you don’t use ay image cashing plugging like WP Rocket.

Use always Low-resolution JPG images under 50 kb (never more than 100kb).  PNG images are generally high in resolution.

 For Video Tips:

Upload videos on YouTube or Vimeo & embed it on your content.

How Do I Miss That? !!!!!

Always use “alt” text for your images related to the content. As well as provide image name based on the content topic.

That means if your content topic is “way to reduce website bounce rate ” select the image name “low bounce rate example, or low bounce rate, etc.”, 

7. Use Of Transitional Words Or Signal Words.


The transitional words help the reader to grapes the main idea. list of transitional words are ” Because of, first of all, lastly, moreover, similarly, etc.”

According to ‘Yoast SEO autosuggestion’ these words can improve content readability significantly.  

8. Sprinkle The Synonyms Of Keywords

Synonym keywords boost SEO ranking factors.

What the hack?!!!!!  How do I use them?

Well, this is a feature of premium Yoast SEO plugging. but Rank math provides it for free.

Most of all, you can use five synonyms of the targeted keywords.

like is your keyword is “SEO campaign” You can use “SEO campaign strategy, SEO strategy, Digital campaign through SEO, etc”

9. Balance The Keyword Density or Keyword Frequency

Keyword density is, no targeted keywords applied to the particular content. Similarly “keyword frequency” is “keyword density ratio“.

(Total no of keyword use in the content /  Total no of the word present in the content) * 100.

Early, days bloggers use this technique to rank their inferior quality article on the Google search.

After Google panda & hummingbird updates, this kind of action is strictly prohibited. Consequently, if you use such kind of technique you have to price for it.    

My suggestion is you can use the targeted keyword within the legal limit. Probably less than 5% suggested by the Yoast SEO.

Bonus Tips For You

 No, 1:

Choose a short URL structure for your content. According to Google SEO experts-

URL –www.domain name/ post or page name.

But, if your focus keyword is so long like ” how to write SEO friendly article or content”

your URL may be- “www. your domain name/ SEO friendly article.” or maybe – “www. your domain name/ SEO friendly content

The advantage of SEO friendly article is helping the crawler to for page indexing. The ideal is less than 4 words.   

No, 2:

Perfect meta description, the length must be less than 160 characters. Furthermore, the meta description must contain the targeted key phrases.

This 160 character is also very crucial for user click. That’s why, try to describe as much as possible,” what is this content material?”

No, 3:

mobile friendlyness

The mobile-friendliness: Again the image size, hosting plan, content & page UI UX (JavaScript, CSS) play together to make your website Mobile friendly.

You can test your mobile-friendliness using Google free tool.


My Conclusion:

Any type of single SEO tips never makes your content SEO friendly. Furthermore, each & every SEO tips boosts the content slowly step by step.

Long Story In Short,——-

Along with the previous steps, don’t forget to share your content on social sites like Pinterest, Facebook. YouTube is a real game-changer for bloggers. Apply these techniques you will get a significant amount of traffic based on the search volume.  

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