What Is SERP IN SEO? What’s Are The Usefulness SERP In Digital Marketing?

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The Meaning of SERP In SEO prospective “Search Engine Result Page“.

There are billions of web searches happen per minute on the internet.

The WebPages you have found based on your search query on Google or any other search engine is called Web-pages ranking in the SERP.

What Exactly SERP Is?

Based on the modern Google algorithm updates, SERP shows the most unique results based on the search query.

The easiest thing is you enter keywords or phrases on the search engine. It will show you various websites on SERPs, that can fulfill your search query.

How To Increase SERP Click-Through Rates?

The position “zero” in SERPs gets the highest no of clicks it’s near 30%. Do you know how to position yourself on rank “zero”?

Here is the deal!!!!!!

Go to Google search console & check the pages you get traffic from the internet.

1st Must use these exact keywords on the title tag & meta description.

2nd, Define, your exact content material on the meta description.

Don’t play any game here!!!!!

If your content is about something & you have entered something else on the title & meta description.

Your bounce rate will automatically increase, It will degrade your SERP ranking.

In other words, you must provide assurance in your title & meta description.  

3rd, create an attractive title tag, moreover, it must be appealing to the users.

Do you know how to create an appealing title? 

Here Is The Answer!!!!!!!!!

You can adjective in your title tag, to make your title attractive.

Like make “How to rank your post within 24 hours in the google 1st search result page” instead of “How to rank your post on the 1st-page on google”

for more, must notice on the popular magazine, how they design their title tag, to look like more appealing to their users.

Apply these techniques in your content, it will increase your CTR, not only for the short term but also for the long term.

How SERP Works?

These search results can differ from country to country according to, various factors.

These factors are-

1st, Domain type:

“.com” domains are designed for targeting global audiences. “.us for USA” , “.uk for United Kingdom”, “.Co for Columbia” etc.

2nd, The Server location:

The server location plays an important role for SERP in SEO ranking. I choose my server location “USA” to target US people.

3rd, Your Physical/ Geographical Location:

Geographic location also plays an important role.

 The websites that ranking on SERPs in the USA, that might not appear in Australia.

 4th, The Most Important SEO Factors:

There are three (3) kinds of SEO factors. Moreover, these are- ON-PAGE SEO, OFF-PAGE SEO, TECHNICAL SEO.


Use exact keywords on the title & meta description & within the first 20 words of the content.

Set the content image names according to targeted keywords.

Use H1, H2, H3, H4 tag in your pages & contents.

Interlink your pages & contents properly.

Lastly, use LSI keywords in your content.


Link building from related authority websites.

The link juice represents the website to the Search engine as a trusted website.


Technical SEO friendliness depends on the following parameters-

a) Mobile-friendliness, how much your website is loading fast using a mobile phone.

according to Google, more than 50% of internet searches happen through mobile.

mobile friendlyness

That’s why, Google more likely to placed mobile-friendly websites on the top of the SERPs, based on mobile search queries.

b) User experience, how long the user stayed in your website & bounce rate & exit rate.

The lower bounce rate & exit rate send a positive message to Google this website is legit & fit according to the search query.

c) Page Loading Speed, This is another factor based on this factor, the search ranking can be changed on SERPs.

You can use a free tool like GT Matrix & & Developer Google Insight to test page loading speed.

google developer page speed

Few Tips To Improve Page Loading Time!!!!!!

Use expiry header, use a spam-free hosting & domain(never use Godaddy), use cashing plugging, etc.   

No, You Don’t Need To Check These SEO Factors Until You Want To Rank Your Website On SERP !!!!!!

5th, website Responsiveness:

Google prefers to show responsive WebPages on the top results.

Most importantly, these search results on the SERPs can be fluctuated based on Google algorithm updates.

¬†Furthermore, SERP in SEO shows us two kinds of result—

 The Organic Results & The Paid Results.

The Organic Results:

These are the results that naturally appeared on the SERPs, based on the search query (the Website owner didn’t pay for rank on the SERP in SEO prospective).

Of course, these results are always varied based on Google algorithm updates.

This algorithm depends on various factors like Website content(blog posts), bounce rate, social signals, backlinks, etc.

There are two kinds of organic searches are available on the internet. These are

a)The Rich snippets:

The rich snippets are pulled additional data from the structured content of the webpage HTML.

Google & Bing get these data from the Structured Markup of the page HTML.

Rich snippets look more attractive compared to other results. Moreover, it also increases click-through rates.

Search engine like Google & Bing supports rich snippets data’s like-

Review, Events, News, Products, Recipe.

b)The Knowledge Graph:

These results are shown by Google based on they gather information from a wide variety of resources.

Google represents these data as an infobox.

Google introduce this kind of facility mostly in 2012.

According to Wiki Google, the knowledge graph covers mostly above 1/3 of the search query.  

There are three kinds of web search queries happen on the internet.

The informational Queries:

These types of queries cover broad as well as short topics.

Suppose, you are seeking information about “SEO” & you will find various website appeared on the SERPs.

These results mainly show non-commercial search queries.

The Navigational query:

When you are looking for some particular website.

If I’m typing on Google “Storyofsogns.com”.

Transactional query:

This type of search query happens due to users are looking for purchasing something from the internet.

The (PCR) Paid Campaign Result:

This kind of results are shown at the top of the SERPs because advertisers have paid for this.

In other words, these search results are also called PPC. though there are two other kinds of search result also appear these are —

 Feature Ad Extension & Paid Listing Ads.   

Paid listing ads have appeared at the top of the Google search results.

For more, you can read from Google Ad Position & Ad Rank.

Conclusion & My Opinion:

Never use any kind spam link building technique to a higher rank on Google. Always use guest posting link building techniques.

 To increase your rank on the Google/ Bing SERPs use white hack SEO techniques, these will help you not for the short term, instead of for the long term.


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