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brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling a creative art, full of energy that can energies anybody or brand position. In branding, storytelling is a marketing instrument to get audience attention & help to attract them towards the brand.

Many brand strategists have a belief that most brand those are failed in the market completion, not exactly because of the, spending less or huge revenue on marketing (especially if their product is very good quality), they failed because they don’t have a story for their brand.

Whether your brand is very large or small, the brand message must be very clear & focused, otherwise confusing the audiences or customers can drain out our revenue.

The human psychology is they don’t try to purchase the best product to solve their problem, rather they took the product which is most trustable, & easily understandable to them—— means people purchase the low risky reliable product.

This Article Contains
How to create a story for the brand & represent it in front of the audiences?
What are the elements of Brand Storytelling?
Why storytelling is necessary?
How Brand storytelling help to increase revenue?
What are the mistakes we need to avoid in the story-crafting procedure?

How To Create Story For The Brand & Represent It In Front Of The Audiences?

Before creating your brand story, you must clarify one thing that you must place your customer as a hero character instates of your brand, this is we will try to represent your brand as a trusted recourse & guide them to solve their problem or fill the gap, at last, your brand will become a hero.

Long story, in short, people don’t come to you if they don’t have the problem, this problem can be either external or internal or maybe emotional. You need to open the gap between this character & their desire.

 When they are seeking a guide to help them don’t describe them how useful is your product & services to solve their problem. First, try to understand what exactly their problem is maybe it’s external or internal.

 Gide them & give a plan to solve their problem. Still, the audience will not purchase your product.

Then comes the call to action them, that means you said how good is your product & services to solve their specific problem. most of the company had failed in this step. there are two kinds of “call to action”

1. Direct Call To Action: Repeating the buy now an option for again & again, because we don’t know when they will agree to purchase our product & services

2. Indirect or Transitional Call To Action: this is the most effective call to action procedure that helps you to become a multimillion company.

the procedure to create a transitional call to action:

Providing Free Information:

Educate your customer by providing valuable free information, that somehow guide them. this step will help to create value for your brand.

Create Testimonial: 

The best testimonial creating procedure is through a video. Show your audiences how much your clients are happy with your product & services.

Offer Free Sample Or Trial:

It actually helps them to realize how useful is your product & services.

t actually helps them to realize how much useful is your product & services.

The story of your brand will live or die based on two consequences— whether the hero (customer) achieves the successor they failed.

If the storyteller does not describe to the audiences that what are the worst thing happen to their hero & their brand & how they solved the challenges, then there will be no stack, & if the story excludes the support, then it will become boring.

The storyteller must warn their customers about what could be the possibilities if they don’t purchase their product, then the brand failed to answer their customer question “so what?”.

After the hero wins, create a true content that authentically tells your brand story & transform your brand  “HERO”. people will love you, try to hug you, want to listen from you.

Now, I hope you have a clear understanding, that how to represent the story to your audiences, if not– describe how your brand helps your customers to achieve their goal or solve their problem. Also, you can attach happy client testimonial in your story brand. ¬†Always keep it simple, it will help your customer to know about you “what exactly your brand stands for?”.

What Are The Elements Of Brand Storytelling?

Empathy toward your customer, Emotional attachment, Inquest their desire, Revel the hidden truth, Get access to the truth.

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Why Story Telling Is Necessary?

From the very primitive age, storytelling works constantly despite the subject or moral of these stories.

Moreover, It helps your brand to connect with the audiences & customers emotionally.

Helps to build strong internal & external relationships with the office staff, Clients. Not only that it also helps to create an assurance junction between your brand & clients  

How Brand Storytelling Helps Your Brand To Increase Revenue?

Actually storytelling does not directly increase the business revenue, moreover, it helps to increase a few brand accessories & a few other things, which leads to an increase in business revenue.

The storytelling increases-

The Brand Awareness– More people will aware of your brand what the brand does? how it solves its client’s problem etc. you can also include the testimonial as an element to create brand awareness.

Frame The Brand Image: Good storytelling can easily connect with the audiences emotionally. Moreover, when they find out that your brand can solve their problem with a personal attachment, they will come to you.  

 Realize The Brand Value: The perfect & true storytelling make the customer realize their need for the brand.

Broadcast The Brand Message: storytelling, especially on digital media, helps to spread the brand message very instantly.

What Are The Mistakes We Need To Avoid In The Story Crafting Procedure?

There are many steps we need to avoids in the storytelling procedure. Not only that few of them are controversial, not applicable to every industry, but the listed items, describe in bellow portion we need to avoid.

Don’t fall under the trap like wall mart, because of your word.

Represent true Story, that helps your audiences to access the right information about you.

Avoid focuses on too many products or services.  

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