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Technical SEO audit Procedure

This article is mainly focused on two parts on how to perform Technical SEO audit & the definitive guide of a technical SEO audit checklist.

The technical SEO audit is a part of the total SEO audit for a website.

In very short answer technical SEO audit examine its Checklist step by step, finding the issues solving them & implement them on a particular website.

The technical SEO audit Checklists are– page speed optimization, Mobile-friendliness, Mobile page optimization speed, The Robot.TXT file, Submitting  sitemap.xml file on the search console or submitting sites on Google, Adding the expiry header in the website, Presence of SSL certificate, Using of CDN, checking the page indexing.   

This is very wrong to say only technical SEO audit & required actionable steps will boost your website ranking like a rocket in SERPs.

The On-page & Off-page SEO is also important along with content marketing.

But yes, If you don’t perform the technical SEO checklist properly for your website, the website will face a very serious problem in terms of page indexing & ranking on SERPs.    

Technical-On Page- Off-Page SEO every little bit of help will boost your website ranking a little bit forwardly.

********* Article Discussion Topics *********
What Is Technical SEO?
How To Perform Technical SEO Site Audit?
What Are The Elements Of A Technical SEO Audit?
The Technical SEO Audit Checklist.
The Website Technical SEO Audit Tool:
Why Technical SEO Audit Is Important?

What Is Technical SEO?

The SEO has three-part On-page optimization, Off-Page Optimization & Technical Optimization or Technical SEO.

Technically it’s processing to tells search engine bots to optimize your website & indexing the pages on SERPs. Without technical SEO your website will not rank by the search engine.

The ultimate good news is once you audit the technical part of SEO you need not audit it until you made changes on the certain file or design & development part of your website.

How To Perform Technical SEO Site Audit?

Earlier times are golden for everyone to rank their website on the first page of the SERPs.

But the present era scenario flows reversely compared to the earlier days. Moreover, backlinking from irrelevant sites & forums can increase your domain spam score.

Every search engine algorithms are constantly changing days after days.

The technical SEO audit techniques, I will describe here may not work even after two years.   

 Start With the Website page Speed:

GT Matrix & Google developer Insight are one of the best tools to check your webpage loading speed individually.

If you find mobile loading speed score is above 65%  in Google developer then, you need not do anything. Otherwise, you have to check each & every step & do the required steps.

like eliminating render-blocking recourses like non-critical Java Scripts file & CSS files.

Maybe you find the long server response time, in that case, you have to contact, your hosting service provider to solve the issues.

Check whether SSL certificate is working properly or not:

For the past two to three years HTTPS become one of the most critical factors for ranking the website on the SERPs on Google.

Even though, Google CEO has declared they will prefer a website with HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Even big SEO companies like SEMrush & Ahref have found an SSL certificate plays a big role in terms of ranking on Google.

Many bloggers & webmasters are use AdSense as their revenue source. But, now a day Google is less approved by the websites with HTTP, URL structure.

The other issues with HTTP & AdSense are if Google will decrease your ranking on SERPs then you will get less traffic & that means less revenue will generate from Adsense.    

Though whether The HTTPS is more secure than HTTP or not, it’s still a debate topic for the SEO experts. But, yes HTTPS is a critical ranking factor for Google SERPs.

Check The Crawlability Report Of Your Website.

This is very crucial for your website. There are many paid & free tools available in the market. Few of them are Google search console, ScreamingFrog, Ahref, SEMrush, etc.

Out of these Google search console is free & ScreamingFrog is a freemium tool. Crawling reports are extremely crucial for the website SEO audit perspective.

The crawler does a great job for us like finding broken links, finding duplicate content & indexing the web pages on the SERPs.

Even ScreamingFrog does a great job for us like finding broken links, AMP crawling & validation, analyze page title & metadata, etc.

But, yes you need not do this every day you can check the Crawlability report once or twice in a month to keep your site Search Engine friendly & error-free.

Here Is The Deal For Crawl Auditing.

Remove duplicate content from your website, moreover, ScreamingFrog will help you in this regard.

Use meta tags in your webpage & content.

Restrict few pages from indexing on SERPs like privacy policy, transaction pages. Upload custom robot.txt file in your site & put the “disallow” tag to restricting the site from indexing.  

Create a fixed redirect for ‘crawl budget’ moreover you can upload 301 & 302 pages to restrict crawler to crawl these particular pages. Repair all the broken links you will find out during the auditing process.  

Check Whether Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly Or Not:

Actually Google creates a free tool for us to check whether our site is mobile-friendly or not.

This tool is very easy to use, only you need to enter the URL of the website, & it will automatically show you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Although you can use AMP plugging to make your website mobile-friendly. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source intensive to make the website, load faster, great user experience.

other tips I have for you, you can embed YouTube videos on to your site even if these videos are not yours.

You can use plugging like WP-Rocket to compressed the images.  

Recheck The Health Of Your XML Site Map:

The XML sitemap is a representation of the gist/ summary of your website for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

If you upload any custom robot.txt file on your website then check whether the search engine bots are properly indexing your pages or not.

If the search engine crawler finds some wrong in robot.txt then it will create some serious issues to indexing your pages.

Here Is The Deal to Audit the XML Site Map

Create a canonical version of each page, moreover, it will help the crawler to decide which version of your page will be crawl by the crawler.

Choose the proper format of your sitemap, there are plenty of tools available in the market to generate a sitemap for your content. for more please check Google.

What Are The Elements Of A Technical SEO Audit? The Technical SEO Audit Checklist 2020:

The elements technical SEO auditing I have already discussed. Here I will only summarize the content.

The crawler report analysis.

Check whether your website is properly encrypted or not.

Submitting  robot.txt file on the search engine search console.

Check WebPages lording time. Check the server response time, if you find it slow, contact with the service provider.

Check whether you have uploaded the expiry header or not on your website.

Check whether your webpage is mobile-friendly or not,   

Use canonical URL, to check the usefulness of canonical URL please visit- Google

Check the SML site map status, especially if you upload the custom robot.txt file in the search console.

Check the Duplicate meta appeared on your website. Especially e-commerce wites are facing this kind of problem.

Check the duplicate content on your site. These kinds of problems are common when you try to build your site as an authority website on a particular topic.

Check the broken link status, it may cost you serious degrading in SERPs ranking.

The Website Technical SEO Audit Tool:

There are plenty of free, Premium & freemium tools are available in the market. Let’s start from free — Google search console, Neil Patel Ubersuggest, ScreamingFrog, Google developer insight to check page speed, Google mobile-friendly tester.

 Ahref, SEMrush, are the paid tools you can use for SEO auditing. How every my opinion currently Ahref is the best SEO auditing tool available in the market.   

Why Technical SEO Audit Is Important?

What if you have invested lots of time & money to build your site but don’t get the right traffic Or your page is not appear on the SERPs of Google!!

That’s why technical SEO comes into the place. Lots of people have ignored it for some reason. But if you don’t take care of the Technical SEO part of your site you will face some serious issues like-

Degrading SERPs ranking.

WebPages will not be index properly.

Visitors may get a 404 error.     

Unwanted pages may be rank on Google.


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