Why Simple Brands Are Created Memorable Impression?

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simple brand win

All over the world big branding & marketing agencies are arguing — THE SIMPLE BRANDS ARE MEMORABLE & ELIMINATE MARKET COMPETITION …

but, why?

One line answer to this question is, these companies are extremely focused. But, focused on what focused on their customer-centric unique product & services solution.

Let’s,  move the conversation one step forward, Have you ever traveled in any country or states where different culture has practice & stayed in premium hotels or consumed high priced foods, belief me it’s not the bed of the premium rooms or foods, which makes your trip memorable. It’s the hotel staff, who care you like a family or the wonderful behavior of the waiter, The travel guide how friendly is his / her behavior  that makes your trip simple & memorable awesome,  

All the great brands are doing the same thing, these brands are delivered their customers exactly what they need to make life simple & smooth.

 Margaret Molloy has written a wonderful article on “why simple brand win?”

Nokia is my favorite mobile brand may be in your case it will be I-phone, now why these brands win? because these brands are excessively focused on only one product & they delivered their world-class customer experiences.

Google main focus is on the search engine, to deliver the best search result to its audiences, Google also helps to cut out other generalist companies which focus on many product & services.

According to the Siegel+Gale, Simplicity index, all the global brands are provided simplicity to their audiences & customers, not only that their data shows that because of the simplicity the stock growth has increased 830% over the last 9 years, for the global top 10 brands.

64% of consumers are more references to these simple brands (because of these brand loyalty).

55% of consumers are more likely to pay more for these simplicities.

Let’s find the answer to these questions :
How to make your brand simple?
How to set your mind towards simplicity & be focused to win the market?
What are the top 5 brands & what kind of services they have offered?

How to make your brand simple?

It’s our mind which tends to make things complicated. The main problem of complicated things is they consume most of your time, which means you are less productive.

Just focus on one problem & create the best solution for your consumer. You will find there are other many problems that are associated with the main problem also provide a solution to these problems.

Case study: Google is the largest search engine used by maximum internet users. It gives the best search solution for the user beside that the fastest loading website will get rank first that’s why they create developer Google (provide suggestions) to improve page speed. there are other tools are associated like Google search console, webmaster, Analytics to help websites to improve their search-related performance.       

Use any kind of simple electronics (or manual pen & paper) application to organize everything as simple as possible.

Organize your every project in 4 steps:

1. prestart stage,

Gather all the information about the project, organize your team members, allocate them their responsibility, decide the project timeline.  

2. Beginning stage,

do all the necessary step (it vary according to your industry) to complete the tasks.

3, Intermediate stage,

check the productivity & what are the due steps, that required to complete the project within the time frame.

4, Mature stage,

this stage include, verification, testing, etc.

Do weekly review your brand or business progression & give a “PRODUCTIVITY INDEX NO”  1 for the lowest & 10 for the highest, performance, as per your capability.

PRODUCTIVITY INDEX=  ( ∑ All product & services that your brand have delivered successfully to make your consumer life satisfied/ the time your brand have to spend to do so) – ( The time your brand have wasted to organized the task complicated).

Always remember much focus on the core value of your brand, provide the best customer experiences, people are likely to pay more for the one focus product/ services centric brands, not for the generalist brands.

however I feel this brief discussion is not enough to solve this single question, I will provide a long elaborate answer to these questions.


How to set your mind towards simplicity & be focused to win the market?

Apple CEO has said Tim Cook has said that “It’s easy to add… but it’s hard to stay focused “.

It’s really very difficult to stay focus on the goal because in business ups & downs are a very common factor, that’s why people are getting distracted. Moreover, it’s also very exciting to motivate yourself but in the real world, this strategy is very less working.

Commit yourself to do a list of work for the next three weeks, from today/ tomorrow no matter what difficult situation will arrive, who will come in your life, you will complete the job. The research data have shown that any person can change themselves to a different if they do a certain task (this task different for a different person, to achieve a different goal) regularly for three weeks.

However, there are certain steps, which help your brand to achieve success for a long time.

1. Develop A Very Smooth Vision & Flexible Tunnel:

All simple brands set their project-based goal for the short term, middle term & long term & track them & do all the modification if required to achieve their end to end success.

2. Collect Consumer Experience & Conduct Employee Survey:

with the blessing of modern technology, you can easily collect your consumer’s experience about your product & services or changing their attitude towards your brand. Moreover, the internal survey will deliver a broad vision of your employees, regarding their conception, emotional attachment towards your brands.

Let’s prepare a team to solve these questions—

What is the current problem your brand is facing?

How to solve these problems to push the business moving forward?

Will this strategy work for ling time?

3.User Testing, Estimate:  

Every simple & established brand has many unique brilliant ideas to create a great product. Their team 1st lunch a prototype product to check consumer experience, market point view & the loopholes of these products.

Based on these collected data the team members do several steps to make the product perfect or stop their project at prototype stages.

4. Be Transparent, Speak Truth:

Aware your consumer regarding all terms & conditions that are associated with your product. Moreover, email or message them whenever new updates or changes will arrive.         

What are the top 5 brands & what kind of services they have offered?

This data have been collected form Siegel+Gale, Simplicity index
NETFLIXIt is a subscription-based entertainment industry, stream 250 million hours of video per day. the world’s simplest industry. Internet retail
ALDIIt’s a German brand, stores provide direct & helpful information, People also credit them for saving their time. Retail / Grocery
GOOGLE GOOGLE starts its journey, 20 years ago as a search engine but yes later they have shifted from their main focus. Internet search
LIDL LIDL, a German brand, far away from the multifaceted supermarket idea. They provide easy shopping for their customers & also provide friendly customer services. Retail / Grocery
CARREFOUR French multinational retailer Brand, they provide fresh fruit to household DIY all under one roof. Retail / Grocery

Conclusion: simplicity is the best solution to cut out the market competition. All expensive people are much likely to purchases & refer to simple brand products.

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